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Older Brother

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I was a measly 13 year old girl who was in the middle of puberty. I was having lots of mood swings, periods, and bra size changes. I guess you could say I was an early bloomer because I already had some nice size C cups and I looked much older than I actually was. I had long flexible brunette hair that could change styles in a couple of minutes. I was also thinking more adult like. Not the kind of 'mature adult' thoughts; I was thinking the 'adults only' thoughts.

My family is in the lower-upper class so we are pretty well off but not super rich. My dad is a lawyer/AAU Basketball coach and my mom is a babysitter. She used to work as the secretary of the chamber of commerce. Of course, once my brother came around, she had to quit and spend more time at home.

My 17 year old brother Mike, who is almost four years older than me, was and still is like my best friend. He acted just like my friends because most of them were tomboys. He had brown hair that went from dirty blonde in the summer to dark brown in the winter. I always thought he was kinda cute, but, unfortunately our family ties kept us apart in that respect. Although I said I was thinking 'adults only' thoughts, I did not think about us in that way.

We always played basketball together in our basketball court in the backyard. My dad played basketball all his life and even played for his college but never got good enough for the NBA. Because of that, he became an AAU coach and encouraged us both to play. Mike was actually on his team but that was men's 18 and under so I couldn't play for my dad. I still played rec ball all the time and practiced in the backyard. Now, Mike was on the AAU team for a reason, he was good. He could hit jump shot after jump shot but his greatest talent was driving the lane. He could jump high enough to dunk the ball. My dad compared him to LeBron James, but let's face it, he wasn't that good.

One day, Mike contested me in a Dunk-off. He claimed to have mastered the between the legs dunk and I felt like I had some tricks up my sleeve so we got started. He lowered the goal to 7.5 feet which was still very high for my above average 13 year old female height. I started with a simple two handed power dunk and hung on the rim for a few seconds. I was lucky to get a 38 from Mike. Then, he went with his between the legs dunk and nailed it. I was very impressed so I gave him a 50, the highest score possible.

'There's no way I can top that! How about a free-throw shoot out?' I asked, wanting to do something I may actually win. Mike agreed and before he knew it, I had reached 21 while he still had 11. It eventually turned into a shoot around for the next hour until we quit from exhaustion.

'Let's go inside and get some gatorade,' suggested Mike. We both went inside and chugged down some gatorade. Of course, that also turned into a competition: who can drink a gatorade the fastest? He won.

'Hey, I think the Cavs are about to play! Come in to my room,' urged Mike. We ran into his room and he turned on the tv and sat on the giant basketball bean bag chair. I laid down on his lap and watched the Cavs play as he wrapped his sweaty arms around me. I didn't mind because we were both sweaty.

We watched for a few minutes and then he randomly turned the sound down. I thought nothing of it and we continued watching. He moved his arm above my stomach and got all the way up to my boob. At first, I didn't say anything partly because I didn't notice and also because, well, it wasn't like he was grabbing it. It was just his hand was on it. It stayed this way for a few more minutes and then his hand developed a grasp.

'Mike!' I yelled but not in a mean way.

'Oh, sorry,' he apologized embarrassed. I knew what he wanted and my 'adult only' thoughts kicked into gear.

'Hey, you don't mind if I take my shirt off? It's getting kinda stuffy, especially on the bean bag,' I said. It really was getting stuff though.

'No problem,' he assured. I took my silky basketball shirt off, but of course left my black sports bra on. I wasn't going to give in to him that easily. I laid back down on him and we continued watching the game. He made swirls on my stomach with his finger and I suddenly became ticklish. He knew my weak spot!

'Stop Mike!' I said playfully. 'Don't make me tackle you!' I commanded. He took it as a challenge and full-body tickled me. I scrambled about until he buckled me to the floor. He had my arms tied down with his giant hands and his legs wrapped around mine. Life seemed to pause for a moment as we remained still. He then leaned down towards my head and gave me a soft peck.

'Don't tell Mom or Dad about this,' He asked.

'I won't,' I promised. Then, I realized he had more to say, or explain.

'Alice, I think you are a wonderful sister but I can't help thinking about how beautiful you are. I mean, don't think I'm weird or anything but, it's a common fact, you are beautiful. The kiss is just the beginning of what I want to do with you; however, I understand what we cannot do. Sex is definitely out of the question. Maybe we can do something else?' I knew exactly what he wanted and I had no problem with it.

'I know what you want, and to tell you the truth, I kinda want it too,' I admitted.

'Here, let me undress you,' he offered. He was very gentle with undressing me. He lifted my back off the floor and unstrapped my bra and lifted it from my beautiful bouncy breasts. He grabbed them and jiggled them. I started laughing because he was moving them in funny ways. He stopped to take his shirt off. Now, I've seen his abs before, but every time I see them again, I am in awe. He also took off his shorts and boxers to show off his monster cock. It was probably six or seven inches but who's counting? He let me grab his cock and I started jacking him off. While I was stroking his cock, he slipped his finger inside my shorts and undies and found my young vagina. It was already wet and ready for action. I hardly ever masturbate so it was begging for a chance. Boy, I can tell you it felt good! Not only was I getting fingered by someone else for the first time, I was also jacking someone off for the first time! He moved his finger all over the place and I told him right where the best spot was. He was too busy asking me where I want him to finger me that he forgot to warn me when he was about to orgasm! Sperm flew all over my boobs and some even got on my lower lip.

'Should I taste it?' I asked.

'I usually eat very healthy so it should taste good,' he stated. I started licking it off my lips and wiping it off my boobs that I forgot to warn him when I was about to orgasm! I orgasmed and my tired body suddenly jumped into action and I slowly calmed back down.

'Come on, let's go take a shower and clean up,' he said. Mike and I got up and went to the master bathroom to get in the big two person shower. I slipped off my drenched shorts and got in with him. Of course, it turned into a major make-out session with lots of touching and little cleaning. He constantly caressed my boobs almost the whole time but I didn't stop him. It felt great! We got out of the shower and dried off. He started drying me off and while he was doing it, he said something.

'For a thirteen year old, you've got some nice boobs.'

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