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Older Brother

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Charlie was taking a shower when I walked in to use the bathroom. When I pulled my zipper down to pee, I noticed through the mirror above the toilet that his back was turned through the glass and that he was moving fast. He didn't know I was there, as he always asked who was there. I had not known about masturbation at the time, but I had secretly seen Charlie doing this before and I was very interested.

He began to move faster and I got an erection, although I was nervous about being caught and suspicious about what he was doing. I pressed my face closer to the glass and then froze with surprise when he turned. He jumped at the sight and I just stood there, looking through the blurry glass. He asked who it was and I said, 'It's me. Sorry, I was just using the bathroom and I'm leaving.'

I began to walk out, but he said, 'Come back here.'

I asked, 'Why?'

Then he pulled the glass back a little and leaned his head out, saying, 'Did you see what I was doing?'

'No!' I said.

And he replied, 'That's a lie!'

I was getting nervous and I looked up in surprise when he said, 'Go wait in my bedroom, I want to show you something.'

My curiosity got the better of me, so I went to his room and sat down. My heart was thudding heavily while I waited and then he walked into the room in a towel. He closed and locked the door behind him. I asked, 'What's going on?'

He walked to his dresser and opened the door. He pulled out a skinny bottle of lotion and told me to hold out my hand. When I did he squirted some into it.

'Why are you doing this?' I asked.

He sat down next to me, and started to talk. Saying, 'Listen, bro, you need to learn this. When we boys start coming of age, we start to like stuff, like sex and girls and stuff, right?'

I nodded slowly, not knowing what would come next. Then he asked me, 'Does your penis get hard a lot?'

I told him, 'Yes, sometimes!' I felt weird talking to him about that.

Then he asked, 'Do you know what masturbation is?'

'No!' I said truthfully.

He responded by saying, 'Do you want to learn it? It's going to weird you out a little, but I know you'll like this. Trust me!'

I was nervous, but said, 'Okay!'

Then he took off his towel and laid it down on the end of the bed. His penis was hard, long and pulsing. He had lotion in his hand like mine and he rubbed it all over his penis. Then he began to move his hand rapidly over it. He stopped and looked at me, saying, 'Try that!'

I nervously unzipped and slid my pants to my knees. My penis was also hard, so I took the lotion and spread it around like he had. Then he took his hand and began to move it up and down my erection. I found it felt incredible, so I lay down and after a minute he let me do it myself. He lay next to me and together we jacked off until we came all over the bed. I sat up and pulled my pants back on. He looked at me and said, 'So that's what we men like to do to ourselves.'

A year later now and I am better at it. We constantly practice on each other and I love my bigger bro.



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