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Old School

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It never gets old


Even though we are seniors we still love to fool around. I still jerk off quite often and really enjoy masturbation. My wife is fit, tan, five foot tall, with pretty 34 B breasts. She really prefers masturbation as her sex of choice so we have great mutual pleasure sessions. Each night before bed she takes her bath. Sometimes when taking her bath, she softly rubs her sex, playing with herself and getting all horny. If I hear her, I lay in bed quietly waiting, stroking my cock, getting it hard so I can coyly rub it against her body. If she responds positively I slide my hand over to her breasts and feel for her tell tale erect, hard nipples. I tease them with light touches, rubbing and pulling on the nipples while feeling her breasts round softness.

I remove her top exposing her breasts so I can play with them with my tongue. Next I let my fingers slide down her belly finding no barrier to her hot, slick, juicy pussy. She has chosen crotchless panties and I find there is only smooth skin and moist lips needing to be toyed with. I remove my shorts and start rubbing my cock on her tits and shaved crotch. It's time to get the lube and our box of toys out. I pull off her panties and tell her I want to see her charms and help make things extra special for her enjoyment by spraying her clit with climax enhancer. I get out the stuff and rub my cock with oil.

Now it is time to show and tell so I bring out the flashlight shining it down checking out her great tits and her sex. I spray the little button bathing it in fluid, and enjoy the whole view. She always protests about the light exposure but more out of shyness than concern. Her sex drive quickly kicks in and the exhibitionist in her takes over and she lewdly spreads her legs so I get a great view of her pussy and bottom. She like to touch herself and eagerly spreads her lips lustily asking me to fill her pussy with her big twisting vibrator. I ease it into her entrance and tease her clit until it responds by engorging itself and becoming quite large.

All this activity causes her to get wetter, squirm and sigh. I tease her by leaving her pussy and switching back to her nipples. I tell her if she wants more attention on her clit, its time to play with me. She reaches for my cock and we rub each others sex with more warming oil. She will use the vibrator to help make me harder. I tell her how good her hand feels wrapped around my eight inch cock and what the vibrations do to me. We concentrate on each others erect pleasure centres thoroughly lost in desire. I play with her smooth slit and the little bump on top but I know she wants something in her back door.

She has always enjoyed anal arousal and I rub warm lube and tease a toy slowly into her tight little hole. I love to watch her play back there and tell her to do herself. She used to protest doing herself but now it really turns both of us on. If I talk nasty to her telling her to pound her butt to make herself cum, she really gets into it.

She's now approaching the super hot zone and lost in lust. I encourage her to keep stroking herself, and tell me how good it feels and show me what she is doing. I tell her how hot she is and to be really nasty. With toys buzzing in her pussy and butt and her hand full of cock she is now past the point of no return. Her body is stiff and starting to convulse. I take my cock, putting her hand on her pussy, telling her to spread her lips so I can shoot my hot cum on her sex. I continue talking nasty to her telling her to finish with a rush.

When I start to spurt she is rubbing her clit with the fingers of one hand, while pulling back her lips with the other hand showing me the hot deep pink vagina flesh. The vibrator slips out of her backside as I shoot on her, with her flying clit rubbing fingers, causing her to jerk into a hard, rolling, vocal climax. I love to watch her and she lets me see it all, willing to perform with her sex wide open and in the light. I kiss her and caress her body while helping her clean up from the fun. We gather the toys and turn off the light.



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