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Old Ruins

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Back when I was 12, there was the ruins of an old building that was taken down. I have small memories of this building from when I was really young. anyway, there was trees and stuff growing out of the ground and there was this one place that there was a basement a tree growing out of it. you could sit on a branch that was at ground level and have your feet dangling above the floor below. up the street was my old friend Jimmy(not real name), who I hung out with on a regular basis. then eventually started hanging out at that place a lot. and thats where my story begins.

one day wile we were sitting there I had to pee so I turned around and started to pee in the bush behind the tree. he stood next to me and began to pee as well. I said: 'can I have a little privacy?' and he said: 'what its ok, were both guys.' and I agreed. after we finished I felt more confortable and relieved. from that point forward we both would sit there with our pants down penises fully exposed. we would get hard by talking to each other about what it would be like to have sex with certian girls from our class. we did this for weeks after school and weekends. then after a bit, instead of just sitting there and imagining, he started to masturbate. being only 12, I had never seen anything like this before in my life. I asked him what he was doing and he said:'its call jerking off, if you do it long enough, it feels really good.' I stood there in aw watching him constantly flap his for skin over then end of his penis.(i thought this was weird and he was not normal, because I didn't know it at the time but I had been circumsized. it wasn't until years later when I was sixteen when my parents brought it up in a conversation. to this day I still hate them for it.) after a little while, he came onto the wall of the basement side which was strait across from the branch. I said: 'all that work and all you did was pee a little?' and he responded: 'just do it, it feels really good.' and so I did. after a while I came as well, and wile I did I let out a little grown. we continued to to this for weeks after.

Until the day his sister found us. she saw what we were doing and threatened to tell our parents(she was 2 years older then me), unless she was involved at least once. she took my penis and began to jerk me off. I objected to the idea, but she continued to do it anyway. eventually I can onto her shirt, and she stopped, wiped it off her shirt and we never heard from her again.

the next day when me and jimmy were about to jerk off, I told him how good it felt when somebody else did it. so he imidiatly grabbed my penis and began to jerk me off. about 1 minut later I came. then he said:'your turn' and he pulled down his pants and exposed his penis, and I grabbed it. it felt weird because of his foreskin. I jerked him off and he came.

we continued that for weeks until the end of the summer he moved to a near by town. we still went to the same school but we could not meet at the same place. as the years went bye we lost contact with each other. to this day I still wack off to those memories of his hand around my dick.



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