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Old Habits

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Never posted before - genuine story


At 43 and having tried out quite a few things in my time, I decided to set up the following little session with myself today, in search of that extra 'buzz' - just that little bit of added pleasure to the good sex life I enjoy with my (second) wife, Shirley.

I'd booked three days off work some weeks ago and in a moment of feeling particularly turned on, I decided to revisit something I used to regularly get up to with my first wife, to whom I was married for 19 years, till we separated five years ago. Paula was quite a different girl in many ways compared to Shirl. I think it is fair to say, Paula, who had been very promiscuous before I met her (and probably afterwards too!) was someone whose appetite for sex was never satisfied. This, rather inevitably, quickly led us to trying out lots of different things in our time together. Threesomes, foursomes, girl-on-girl while I watched; you name it, we probably did it, unless it was something really extreme. One thing that did feature was Paula's underwear.

It all started when I was 24 and we lived abroad in a modern single room apartment, together with our baby girl of 18 months age, at the time. One morning, Paula had gone with the baby out shopping while I slept, following a night shift. They hadn't been gone long before I started to get the urge to have a good wank. Whatever first brought the thought into my mind, I don't know, but I got out of bed and went into Paula's wardrobe. Inside, on a couple of the shelves that ran down one side, she had all her underwear stashed. I noticed a new pair of skimpy briefs, still in the clear little polythene bag they came in. I took them carefully out and proceeded to step into them while I stood there in front of the wardrobe. I remember running my hand over my bum and feeling the softness of the material over my skin. My cock was throbbing and needless to say, within minutes I was shooting sperm all over my belly as I lay on my back, following my retreat to the bed, dressed only in Paula's white and pink niks.

When I'd finished, I remember thinking to myself how perverted this was and vowed to myself never to do it again. I then carefully replaced the briefs back in their packaging and the place in the wardrobe where I'd got them. Of course, the 'vow' didn't hold very long and within days I did the same again.

Very quickly I moved on to other items of Paula's underwear and soon after, one night when Paula and I were about to have a shag, I took off my pants and revealed a pair of her lacy, black, polyamide briefs that I'd put on a few minutes before. She was mortified and not impressed, at first, but I think the sight of a stiff prick poking out of the side of them had the desired effect. Afterwards, we both confirmed how much we'd enjoyed the kinkiness of it all. I also think she was in quite a good mood for it anyway, despite the initial hissy fit, as she'd been coming clean about her own earlier experiences with a girl she knew at school, as a 15 year old - who she'd recently bumped into again after a 12 year gap.

From this time onwards, dressing in Paula's underwear for sex became a regular feature of our sex life together and also when the urge came over me for some solo action. Didn't take long before I started trying on tights, stockings, skirts, tops, the lot. And many's the time I was asked to dress up for Paula, then, in the middle of the night, make my way to some agreed, secluded meeting point where she would lift 'my' skirt pull out my cock and jack it.

All these kind of antics continued regularly in private for the next few years, then I think I became a bit bored of it, to be honest - all a bit too predictable and unexciting, I suppose.

So, winding the clock forward some years to today: Paula is history, Shirley has been married to me for three years now and knows absolutely nothing about my past peccadilloes regarding Paula's clothing. As mentioned, I've had a few days holiday booked for some weeks now and a couple of weeks ago, while on the internet ordering a new shirt, I had some spontaneous naughty thoughts. After choosing my shirt, I started browsing the women's wear sections in the online stores I was looking at. To cut a long story short, I ordered a matching black bra and thong set, some black 10 denier tights and a beige, close fitting knee-length skirt. These things arrived yesterday and I'm wearing them with a pale blue t-shirt as I type this. I'm off all day today and alone until in the flat until this evening, so can (and have been) moving about dressed like this for a couple of hours now. I haven't done anything like this in years and it's quite exciting, I must admit

I got out of bed at about eight this morning and the first thing I did was put on the new thong. I then set up my tripod at the bottom of the bed and attached the digital camera I recently bought. A few minutes later I put on the bra, set the camera to self-timer and proceeded to take some shots of myself lying and kneeling on the bed, as well as standing and squatting in other positions around the bedroom and the rest of the flat, having put on the other items of clothing as I went along.

No doubt, at some stage when I've done with writing this and had a browse on the internet, I'll finish off in the time honoured fashion, probably covering the tights in a load of cum. I'm going to look on the internet for some couples, or single girls, who might want to 'help' me and share the enjoyment at some future date. Have to wait and see on that one.



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