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Old Friend

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Old friend and new clothes


An old classmate, I will call her Ann, someone I have known since kindergarten and I dated a couple times in high school reconnected about a year ago after not see each other for about 20 years or more. Turns out that she is the manager of a department store not far from me. So over the last year or so, we have chatted much and shared much more. We decided we wanted to keep our relationship as a friendship and we have referred to each other as brother and sister we never had. She has two sisters and I have three brothers. Our spouses have met each other many times and understand how we feel.

Lately, we all have really worked on losing weight and trying to get healthier. Recently I have hit 35 lbs lost target since the Christmas and she hit 30 with my wife hitting 25. I am at about 190 and then are both pushing 140. We all feel much better about ourselves have been showing off our new appearance here and there. As a result, we needed to buy new clothes since we have dropped several sizes. She is always alerting us to sales and things that we might like. My wife is the best bargain shopper ever and shares information and this activity with Ann.

We both have been pushing the limits in sharing much intimate stuff about each other including fantasies and sexual details. I also told her about Solo Touch and she has become an avid reader. I have dared her to contribute, but I don't think she has yet, or at least none she has admitted to. Both of our spouses are not as sexual as we are and so we masturbate frequently, and it often enters our discussions. We also learned that we both sleep nude, usually don't wear underpants, often go naked around the house or other places as much as possible and have visited nude and clothing optional locations occasionally.

So one day she messages my wife at work that they have a sale starting tomorrow with a bunch of stuff they now just got in and thinks we would like. She invite us to come when the store is closing tonight to see if there anything we like. My wife has gone several times at closing or after hours to shop so this is not unusual. This time, my wife wants me to go along to try stuff on and I agree.

When we arrive, Ann directs us near the back and to wait while the rest of the customers checkout and she can lock up. I find a place to sit and chill while my wife browses the women's stuff. For about 30 minutes or so I was sitting reading Solo Touch on my Android. This was probably a mistake since I was reading a story which was very stimulating (Translation = erection with pre-cum making a wet spot in my jeans) and so engrossed in it that I did not notice Ann approach and clearly saw I was aroused. I straightened up and got rid of the program quickly while she gave me a look and giggled.

My wife started to try on tops. Ann told her there was no need to go to the changing room since no one was here and the security system was not active. So she stripped her top off to her bra to try on tops then later was only in bra and panties to try on pants. Ann compliments her on the weight loss and I whistle and got us all chuckling. After about 30 minutes of chit chat and my wife trying things on she selected a couple of items.

It was my turn and started with some shirts and I did the same by removing my shirt and trying things on. When it came to pants, I started for the changing room when Ann asks, 'Where are you going?' and I said, 'to the changing room', where my wife chimes in matter a factly, 'He isn't wearing underwear. Just change here, no one cares and Ann won't look'. I look over to Ann who turns away from us and walks off. I slipped off my shoes (no socks) and pulled my pants of put them on a clothes rack my wife says, 'Hey Ann, don't you then Mark has slimmed down a lot!' Ann comes over and observes my nakedness and says, 'yeah looking good!' My wife hands me a pair of pants while smiling at me and looking down to my semi-erect penis. The first pair was a bit large so I slip those off and while naked my wife turns to get the smaller size and Ann shows up in time with the next size and hands them to my wife, who then turns to hand them to me. Ann and my wife are watching again now and both able to see the full naked body. I was getting more aroused.

This goes on for a few a while with us walking around and I become less inhibited since both my wife and Ann seem to not care that I was naked in between trying on pants. I also become a bit more erect during this and knew my wife noticed and sort of guessed that Ann noticed also. We were now getting ready to leave and so I headed back to get my pants took a path that lead me right by Ann. Ann was talking to my wife and looking in her direction as I walked by when she reached out and tugged on my penis, all the while not missing a beat in the discussion with my wife.

I dressed and my wife and I left. We had to leave the what we picked out behind until the sale started the next day. In the car and asked my wife if me being nude in front of Ann bothered her. She said, 'No of course not. You like it anyway. I saw that you were hard I bet you enjoyed it. She and I have talked anyway and we have an understanding'. I was not sure what that understanding was, but I was not going to ask any more questions.

We took the interstate highway back home and on the way back she had me pull into the rest stop which was deserted that time of night. She had me drop my pants and proceeded to give the best hand job. In fact she was so good that when she changed hands she gained a stroke. I came quickly and she slurped up my cum and then kissed me with tongue to make sure I had a good taste.

What an evening. I told Ann what happened and masturbated several times to the memory.



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