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Ok-some More to Try

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I had such a horny time telling you about the other experiences, I decided to share some others. Now remember, I switch around a lot. Some produce better results, but I am in control. I too enjoy anal stimulation. It's a physical basic part of our bodies. It doesn't matter if you're straight, gay or bi. One way that gets me harder than a rock is in the shower. It's a nice private time and sometimes happens after I've teased myself with the handheld shower head. I'll squat down and have an appropriate toy with me. Using soap not only provides good lube, but also helps get to all those '2000 parts.' I prefer slow stroking so I can enjoy every sensation. The toy slides in nice and easy and my other hand slowly slides up and down and twists around on my cock. I recently tried a waterproof vibrator...that works wonders. When I'm about ready, I adjust the strength of the vibration to high and BINGO, the cum cums flying out. Now, I've run out of hands to catch any, so down the drain it goes (such a waste of good protein...but there'll be more later.) Try this too with a cock ring around your cock and balls. I too shave my cock and balls. WE enjoy the appearance and it greatly increases the sensitivity (besides, who likes to get hair in their teeth). Just be carefull. And oh, it will make your cock look bigger...actually, it won't be any longer, but once you get rid of all the hair that hides part of it, you'll be able to see the whole thing. Ya, I enjoy looking at mine and I am rather fond of him (not bragging, but I've received many a compliment, I'm circumsized which reveals that beautiful large head just nicely). Anyway, I'm getting off course. I too like the lubed up condom method, pushing a couple of pillows together and lying face down, fucking the pillows...real close to the real thing. The lubed rubber allows your cock to slide back and forth and of course, you don't have to be concerned about making a cum mess. Now what you do with the filled condom is entirely up to you and of course depends on what type of lube you have used. There are flavored lubes and nonflavored lubes, both of which are safe to ingest/swallow. I love pre-cum and I can produce a ton of it during my long drawn out sessions. I don't even have to be jacking, just reading these posts or looking at different porn and 'he'll ooze plenty.' Sometimes I relent and rub some over the underside of my cock with the tip of my finger, but usually I wipe it on my dry lips then lick if off. Here's something I've not done yet, probably because I'm always greedy each time I cum. But for a long time, I've thought of saving each load and like they do in the sperm banks, freezing it. I'd do this for a while then after letting it thaw or maybe heating it up some in the nuker, using it to play with. I'd poor some all over my cock, use it as lube for my twitching butt and savor the rest on my tongue. Always more enjoyable while you're really horny. Well, I'll add more later. Enjoy!



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