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Oh the Joys of Childhood

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Im... well let's just say I'm Haley. Anyway I always used to play doctor with my friends about when we all were around six to ten... and we would have 'surgery' on each others pussies and butts and boobs. No I'm not a lesbian... we were just little girls that were curious. It was all us girls in the neighborhod, me, Cassie, Brandi, Abby, and Molly. I was always the doctor... and it was time for everyone elses 'check-ups'.

All the girls laid on their sleeping bags and I would come around and check them all out. First I take my pen and note pad to all the girls and draw their pussies while they hold their pussy lips apart, then I look at the 'x-rays' I just drew. Then I tell them what all has to be done to them and get to work. All the other girls stand around me while I do surgery to each individual girl.

I take my fingers and touch her pussy and pretend to tell my little 'helpers' the texture and stuff. As I'm doing this Cassie 'the one who gets surgery first' smiles and usually asks if it is going to hurt. I always respond with 'a little... more than a tickle... but more than a pinch (saying I heard from my mom when I asked if a shot would hurt...). then she smiles and begs me to continue. I then stick my little finger in her hole and feel around and she moans and twists with delight. Then I look around the room for tools I can use on her. I usually use pencils and other long thin objects to rub, and shove in her. We had an operation bag and I hammer her boobs and pussy (but it feels good with a sting of pain...), soon she shudders and has an amazing orgasm. Then I feel her cum and we all get a little salty taste; our 'treats' for the night. Then I did the same to each girl and we all touch and feel them and taste the saltyness of her pleasure.

I masterbate now... but with my electric toothbrush and alone. I love this site and masterbate three times a day to it... I print out my favorite stories and shove that toothbrush on my clit and have a violently hard orgasm. I hope you all like my story... now I have to go masterbate, I'm getting so horny thinking about this!!



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