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Oh, so Solo!

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I spent a good bit of yesterday reading Solo Touch. Sitting on the couch wearing sweats, I had my laptop on my lap with my legs crossed as I read story after steamy story.

Surprisingly, I particularly enjoyed the girl on girl stories. Letting my mind wander to thoughts of women rubbing each other off in offices and in department store dressing rooms really turned me on, but I was careful not to stroke my excited cock just yet.

Next I centered upon those stories having to do with compliant female neighbors who would be so kind as to show their bare bodies while expertly stroking their male fellow apartment dwellers. One of my long time fantasies is to go to a lady neighbor's door and have her invite me in to enjoy her fingers wrapped around my pulsing member! What a turn on it would be to blow my load of cum all over her face and tits and hair! Although hard and horny, I still resisted the temptation to touch my tool.

With some relish I then read the stories of men encountering men in all manner of places and exploring the size and texture of another man's sexuality. I've had a few encounters with men going back many years, and reading of hot chance sexual encounters or the sudden intimacy with a long time friend resonated with me! My swelling dick remembered being stroked to glorious orgasm by another man whom I had just met in the front seat of a car and on the edge of an older man's bed and in the back room of an adult theater. Having a friend who is willing to share even the most intimate details of his sexuality is priceless. Having a stranger stroke your dick is exciting, but it doesn't compare with the ongoing relationship of a friend who loves to please you and you in turn love to see the satisfied look on his face after you have helped his balls to empty themselves of sperm. Even now the thoughts of those memories makes my cock ache for attention. But just now, as yesterday, I do not yet succumb to jacking my deserving meat.

And then I began reading those stories of young men and old men who have had the great fortune of enjoying their mother or aunt or mother in law of walking in on them while they were blissfully jacking off or teasing them by parading around nude. My heart raced as I thought of those wonderfully mature but wickedly naughty ladies taking the manhood of their sons or nephews or sons in law in hand and making them cum!

My thoughts ran to Aunt Marie whose petite body excited me beyond imagination. When I stayed at her house I often had the pleasure of her son's wonderful scrotum pounding against my palm-or my chin-but I would have given anything to see my aunt's bare body and to have her tug on my boner.

I was reminded of how, when I was between about 12 and 15, I would peek through the keyhole as my own mother would take her bath. Oh, her wonderfully full breasts and milky white skin and full bush never failed to get me so hot that I would fiercely rub my then little cock until I would cheerfully spray cum in multiple puddles all over my bedroom floor. (That is until I took up the practice of jacking off into a sock. If you haven't tried that, you are missing out on a great cumfest).

If only my mom had rushed to the bathroom door when she saw me staring through the keyhole or if she had burst through my bedroom door while I was pounding my cock with my fist! If only she had caught me and offered to slowly and gently take over and, dropping her robe to the floor, allowed me to cum all over the breasts where I had enjoyed my first nourishment!

It was at that moment that I knew that I had to do something to relieve the sensation in my loins. Experience told me that any motion at that point was liable to cause an explosion, so I reached under the waistband of my sweatpants with a tissue. The very moment that the soft tissue came in contact with my swollen cockhead, I erupted in one of the most intense orgasms that I have had in years! The tissue wasn't nearly enough to hold all of the cum that came spurting out of my dick as I imagined being caught by Mom and having her ask in her soft voice if she could take care of that for me!



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