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Oh My God

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Here you go hunny


Every since I posted the story above, my husband has driven me nuts! Wanting me to do another. We masterbate alone and together all the time, and share our experiences and kinda dare each other to do stuff. So, I don't know why he was so into it! Anyway, here you go.

My husband went out of town a couple of days ago, and won't return for a couple more. I hope this gets posted and he sees it before then, because I want the shock to be over before he gets home.

We live in a rural area and have a large deck out the back. I often lay out there. When the kids are gone I do this in the nude. Being home alone the last day or two, the sun was doing it's magic on me, and I was feeling that itch. I removed my top and rubbed the oil into my tits. This was wonderful. I made love with them for quite some time. My nipples became so hard they were almost non plyable. So I moved a hand to my pussy, that had been screaming at me for the last half hour! I brushed my fingers over my clit and nearly orgasmed.

So I pulled my bottoms off almost violently. I put my feet on the chair I was lying on, and beginning at my knees started rubbing the inside of my thighs. Inadvertantly touching my pussy on the down strokes. I had slid a finger of my left hand inside and stretched my legs out straight. My right hand went back to my tits. At that point horror! I heard footsteps on the deck! I grabbed the towel I was on and covered myself. The steps were behind me so I couldn't see what it was. I rolled over to see the electric company meter reader! He quickly apologised for disturbing me, went and read the meter and apologised again as he left. I began to ball. He absolutely saw me. All of me! I went inside to take a shower and wash the disgust off. I was replaying the whole scene over and over in my head and realised I might be freaked out but my pussy was still craving the orgasm I had worked up. Then I started thinking god that was amazing! Still naked I called my husband and played with my clit while we were on the phone. I promised to email him a photo before it got too late. I took a picture of myself in the mirror and sent it. I laid down in bed with a dildo and began rubbing my clit. My tits really wanted attention today for some reason. So I gave it with my free hand. My mind would not let go of what had happened an hour or so ago. I almost wanted him to come back and let me finish for him.

I got up and went back out on the deck, my whole body was trembling, I was almost sick to my stomach! I looked all around AND TURNED THE RADIO OFF! No wonder I didn't hear anything. Feeling very safe I laid back down on my chair and picked up RIGHT where I left off! I came almost as soon as I had laid down. Not good enough. I kept right on stimulating my clit with the dildo, massaging my tits. It was almost as if I could orgasm with tit stimulation only! So I tried for several minutes and grabbed the dildo and rimmed with it for a bit. I eased it all the way in circling my clit all the while. I went and stood at the entrance to the deck, put my left foot on the railing and let out an amazing orgasm! I nearly fell down, I was exhausted! Then I realised I had been working up to this for two hours or so!

I have lived here ten years and have never seen a meter reader! I just can't believe how turned on it all made me! Still I don't want to do it again. It was humiliating. But why am I into it now?



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