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Oh My God !

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New found treasure.


Hi, my name is Nora. I am five foot eight inches, rather skinny with small breasts, not much of a butt and not what you would consider gorgeous. The one thing that I found out lately is that I have an abnormally huge clit that visibly sticks out. I would refuse to remove my panties during gym class because since mine was the largest there, I was afraid of being ridiculed so I always hid it.

Since I was shy and kept to myself, nobody gave me a second thought, my secret was my own. At home, my room was in the basement where it was quiet and there would be less distractions whilst I was studying. One day while at the library I sat down in front of the computer, moved the mouse, and up pops Solo Touch that someone must have left on. Masturbation stories, oh my God I looked around and saw nobody, so I started to read stories by females. By the time the first story was read something I have never felt before took over me. My heart started beating like a drum and travelled down my belly and into my clit causing it to throb uncontrollably. I could actually feel it poking through my panties.

That was it, I had to go home before something big was going to happen, even though I had no clue, so I wrote down the site information and started to quickly walk out. That's when a pleasant feeling started to overwhelm me, the tip of my swollen clit was rubbing against my panties as I tried to bolt towards the door. Something told me you are not going to make it, so I rushed to the washroom, took my panties off putting them in my purse and walked home. Nobody was home so I went to my room, locked the door, found the website and started reading about the pleasure your clitoris can provide. I swear my clit was reading also because it was straining out of it's hiding spot begging to show me it's magic.

I stood up on shaky knees and proceeded to strip naked and stood in front of the large mirror to examine myself. There in front of me was this sexual being that was desperate for her first orgasm, I was engrossed by what I saw, nipples pointing in the air, clit jutting out in front of me and small drops of milky fluid dropping on the carpet below, I was overcome with lust. I knew my first orgasm would be upon me soon and I wanted to witness everything about it, so I put one foot on a chair while one was on the carpet, this way my pussy was wide open for me to see.

I ran my fingers through my hair collecting my slippery juice, then I gently put two fingers on my clit and started twirling it like I have done it all my life. It was hard watching myself because my eyes wanted to close and moans of passion were coming out of my throat. Thick white cream was leaking out of my pussy which I kept gathering up and smearing all over my pussy hair, the more I rubbed my clit the hornier I got. I started rubbing my cream all over my tits then all over my face and in my mouth. I could smell and taste myself and see my whole body covered in cum as I twirled my swollen clit faster and faster. It had turned a deep red color like it was really angry, that's when everything suddenly went black. I tried to focus on my pussy when it made a big farting sound followed by squirts of cream that made a mess of the chair, carpet and mirror. I came so hard watching myself so out of control, squeezing my tits for support and squirting my juice everywhere, screaming like I had just been put in a tub of boiling water. Thank you Solo Touch for having taken me out of my shell, you can bet from now on my clit won't be getting much rest.



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