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Office Fun

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I enjoy sex. A lot. I like to masturbate. I'm also kinky! I think it makes for an interesting combination. On that note, let me tell you about my day at the office:

I work in a small office. Because of what we do, my co-workers are gone a lot, leaving me all alone for the entire day, and sometimes for days at a time. Ah darn! It's so tough being me. Anyway, on the days that the office is empty, I bring my favorite friends to work with me! My friends are my big Hitachi vibrator, and my little pink vibrator. *big grins*

I don't know why, but I think I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist at heart. I've always been excited and turned on by the idea of someone getting off watching me (without me knowing they're watching), and the idea of 'getting caught' masturbating - especially in places where I shouldn't be doing it...like work!

When everyone's gone, there are lots of places to play with myself, but my favorite is the conference room - partly because my husband and I have made love there!, but also because of the proximity to the door where anyone with a key (like one of the security guards) could walk in and see me! That amps up the excitement right there. I love to imagine him walking in on me, and then imagining what he would do about it. Would he threaten to tell on me? Would he threaten to rape me? Would he tell me I have to call him whenever they're gone so he could come up and take me as often as he wished? Maybe even with friends?? Mind you, the thought of a real rape is terrifying to me, but my imagined version at the office really turns me on.

On days when I know I'll be alone, I smirk all the way to work because of the toys in my bag. I can feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet because I know what's in store for me when I get to the office. I can hardly wait. I LOVE cumming! I start to squirm in my seat as I think about the vibrator against my exposed pussy. I can feel my panties getting damp. Mmmmmm...my clit starts to tingle. Then I feel little pulses in my clit. I clench my thighs together hoping I can get some relief from the tingling and pulsing. I think about my husband...how much I love it when he flogs me and spanks me, how incredibly turned on I get when he ties me to our headboard, how much fun it is to tie him up and make him watch me masturbate because I KNOW it drives him wild! Oh yessss...my heart is beating faster and my pussy is nice and wet just writing about it.

My walk to the building is filled with anticipation and excitement. I know what I'm going to do is wrong, and that makes it even better! I take the elevator to our floor, and step off the elevator. I unlock the door, step inside, and turn on the lights. My hands are trembling at the thought of what I will be doing in just a few minutes.

I turn my computer on, and I check for voice mail. I smile because it's time.

I take my bag into the conference room. I take the big vibrator out of my bag and plug it in. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

I grin as I slide my panties down and toss them aside. I grin even wider when I see the damp spot in them. I take my shirt and bra off and toss them aside. I'm left standing in a skirt and nothing else. My nipples harden even more when the cool air hits them, and I start to pinch and twist them as I lay down on the floor, spread eagle. The anticipation has driven me nuts and my clit is soooo ready for the vibe. I reach over, pick up the vibe, and turn it on the low setting. I let out a little moan as the vibe hits my clit. I get shivers up and down my body and I lay back and settle in for what promises to be a wonderfully orgasmic time.

My body starts to twist and writhe as my excitement builds. I lose track of time and everything around me as the vibe gets me harder and wetter. Low moans escape my lips as I get hotter and more turned on. Sometimes I hear footsteps and I panic momentarily wondering if someone's plans changed and they're coming into the office! Then I realize it's not coming from my office and I relax, sigh, and start playing with my clit again.

I can't help myself - while one hand rubs the vibe back and forth over my now wet pussy, my other hand is playing with my nipples. It feels so good. I lay there thinking of my husband in his black leather vest and his black leather g-string, and I arch my back and fuck the vibe as it's rubbing me. Ahhhhhhhhh, that feels so good! I think about him playing with himself, masturbating for me, and how much I love to watch him. I love it when a drop of precum appears on his head. I have an overwhelming desire to lick it off, and if I've behaved myself, he offers it to me. I lick slowly, running my tongue over the length of his hard, warm cock. My pussy aches for it to be inside of me!

Oh myyyyyy, thinking of him is making me so excited. I can feel myself getting closer! Then I hear footsteps in the office above me and my thoughts drift to the idea of one of the security guards walking in and seeing me - bare assed, rubbing my pussy, and hardened nipples all there for him to see. More moans and sounds escape my lips as my clit hardens and I can feel myself getting closer...almost there!

Then it happens: I hit *the spot*-the one I know is THE one that will put me over the edge today. I can feel my arms and legs getting tingly...I'm so close! I stop rubbing my whole clit and concentrate on that one spot. Oh God, I can't lose it - not when I'm this close! Then, it happens. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...that amazing, wonderful, incredible feeling I've been waiting for. My back arches off the floor...the fingers on my left hand are scratching at and grabbing for the carpet, anything to squeeze as I move to orgasm...and then...oh Goddddd...it happens. I feel the pulsing of my clit, and the cum oozing out of me. I pant as my body writhes with pleasure. I have to bite my lower lip to keep from calling out. I hold the vibe there a few more seconds to draw out every last bit of orgasm. Oh God...it feels so good. My clit twitches a few more times, even after I've shut the vibe off and set it down. I'm panting, and the floor suddenly feels hard. I try to sit up, but I'm too tired. Orgasms take a lot out of me!

When I do finally sit up, my clit twitches again as my thighs rub together. I stand up and pull my panties back on. I put my bra and blouse back on, and set the vibe aside where it can't be seen if someone walks in. I sit down at my desk, flushed, enjoying my damp panties. And I grin as I dial my husband's cell phone number, preparing to tell him what I just did... *GRIN*



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