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Office Fling

Posted by: Age: 44 Posted on: 1 comments
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This co-worker (let's call her Lisa) is very attractive. She is about 5' tall, 105lbs with muscular arms, legs, and abs. She is an avid runner which means her body fat is extremely low. Oh and her ass is what most would consider a perfect 10. I'm 44---She says I don't look it.

After exchanging many hot and sexy text messages in the office and both of us admitting that we needed a little more than just chat and the occasional brief hug and grab we decided to go over to her house one day during our lunch hour.

We have a rule that we will not have intercourse so masturbation is our game. Lisa and I both admit to masturbating several times a week and love to tell each other our stories. Well, when we arrived at her house I was a bit nervous, but she broke the ice by telling me that she had this fantasy of straddling me in my office chair. So I sat down on one of her dining room chairs and she climbed on top of me facing me. She had on a thigh-length sun dress which she pulled up as she climbed on and I was able to see her cute little white cotton thong. I was still all dressed up with black dress pants and a white long sleeve dress shirt.

I was instantly hard when I saw what she had on under the dress that was driving me crazy all morning in the office. She began rubbing back and forth on my crotch and I quickly asked if it would be okay to take my pants off. She agreed and we moved to the couch. We both took off all our clothes, exposing for the first time my shaved cock and balls with closely trimmed hair on top. I had a good amount of precum oozing from the head of my cock which she took the opportunity to snatch a little with her finger and then licked it off. We then continued where we left off back at the chair. Now I was laying on my back and she was sitting straddling me. Her almost completely shaved pussy (just a little blonde hair right above her clit) was sliding along the length of my shaft.

Remember, we were not having sex, my cock was not in her it was resting on my lower stomach and she was moving forward and backward on it. Soon I knew her juices began flowing because I could hear the sounds and the friction was much less. I would watch her abs flex with every forward and backward motion and I could see her pussy lips hugging both sides of my cock. Her clit was hard now and she was rubbing it hard on my dick. We both began breathing harder and harder as we both got closer to the big O. I was on the edge of cumming probably three times and I know she was too. Then to finish things off (well...I thought) I laid her on her back and I stood up next to the couch stroking as she massaged her pussy. I was using a lubricant and both hands alternating each long stroke and I noticed her eyes were fixated on my technique---this was a huge turn on having her watch me. I liked her technique too. She put one hand flat covering her pussy with a finger just inside of her lips and used the other hand to push it firmly down as she violently rubbed herself back and forth. Every once in awhile she would slip her finger in which seemed to make her moan ever so slightly. As she was doing this, I could see the glistening of the wetness on her hands and around her pussy.

Now the bad news.... Neither one of us came. We were late for work and hurried back to the office so that no one would notice.



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