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Office Culture?

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I've never written anything like this before but I had heard about this web site from a girl friend that says she has contributed. She said I should tell this story and see what others say without being too judgmental. Masturbation is still something that people can be so much that way about, which is why she thought all of you could be more objective.

I started work at a New York magazine (I won't say which one) and I was really excited having been interviewed and selected from quite a list, I was told. I had earned it though having worked through high school and college on school papers, student union papers and local rags to score experience and to put myself through a top J-school (journalism school) with high marks. So there I finally was, in the 'big time'.

I was working on a story, when the Managing Editor and founder of the magazine called me in to discuss a couple of story angles. He had spoken to my boss who had relayed the weekly meetings about our projects and had taken a personal interest in one of mine. He is a very charming, well spoken and sophisticated man. I must admit that I flirted a bit but hey, I'm a girl and I like being hot, sooo... well you get the idea. We met twice more as the research and the story developed and as he had some useful contacts and ideas that he thought would make the piece that much more outstanding. I loved his input, attention and charm with which he was showing me the ropes in the magazine business.

At the last of these late afternoon meetings he did something that kind of blew my mind. He suddenly interrupted me and said 'Excuse me but I have a bit of a problem. You are very attractive today, it is distracting me and I'm getting a tremendous erection. Do you mind if I just take care of that so that I might focus and we can finish this properly? I shall not take long, just stay where you are!' I smiled and looked at him like he was politely speaking Martian. He just said something incredibly personal without a moment's hesitation and yet he didn't want privacy or having me become involved (which would have made more sense as just a wolfish pass)? Instead he smiled back, unzipped his pants, pulled out a very stiff reddish purple cock and started jerking it right in front of me. I wasn't sure if I should look away or keep staring. Pretty soon he started making huffing and sort of grunting sounds, jerked his legs a bit and with one load moan, pumped about three spurts of cum on to the glass coffee table between us. He just calmly wiped himself and the spots of cum with tissue paper from a box nearby, tucked in his shrinking cock and zipped up. He straightened his tie, looked over at me and smiled saying 'There, that is much better, thanks for waiting. Now what were we talking about...'. I kept smiling and nodding not sure of what to say as we resumed the business discussion. My pussy was soaked and I had thought about joining him in a good jerk but this didn't feel like it was intended to arouse me, in fact I'm not sure I was anything but an audience, if that.

I went for a drink later in the week with one of my colleagues on the mag and asked if she had a similar experience. She laughed and said I should have been told but that it is a 'new age' thing in office culture. I asked why it didn't qualify as sexual harassment. She said it probably did if I wanted to make a case but was I in fact really harassed or demeaned? After all he had asked permission, made no advance or diminishing remark towards me and it created no expectation of sexual favor or response on my part. I was, she said, being too 'upstate' and it was 'Welcome to the big city, girl!'.

I asked if he has done the same thing in front of her. She laughed and said yes, twice in fact. Each time he very politely said it was just to get over how struck he was with her attractiveness, which neither he nor she could help. Similar circumstance where he'd either be at his desk while she sat in chair in front of him or, as I did, in one of the divans in his office, facing the glass coffee table. She said, the first time at his desk, he did much the same thing, stopping the conversation to explain his need. He then pulled out a raging hard on and jerked himself until he groaned and spurted cum a few times only to then clean it up, tuck himself back in and carry on like nothing had happened.

I asked what happened the second time. She laughed again and said that she had taken a girlfriends advice and when he asked for permission to jerk off she smoothly said that it sounded like a lovely break and would he mind if she did the same? He looked mildly surprised and pleased and just nodded approvingly. She quickly stood up, pulled off her shoes, skirt and pantyhose. She then just laid back over the divan and started rubbing her vulva and the hood of her clit while inserting her fingers in her vaginal canal, as she got wetter.

I asked what he did, wondering if watching this was his motive. She said he just kept on calmly stroking his cock with his balls out of his pants while watching her get off. He didn't say a word. It was as if we were just having a smoking break. He finally grunted and spewed cum on to the table but with a bit more vigour than she had remembered. Finally the exotic nature of the circumstance was too much for her and she came as a flood of liquid flowed from her slick labia. He just cleaned up and watched patiently as she finished coming. He then got up and walked over to his desk to look at a document as she took a second to tissue off, pull on her pantyhose and skirt and fix her hair.

What happened then I asked? 'We just resumed the meeting and he was right! I made some brilliant points and we had a real breakthrough of ideas. When I left he said that he was very impressed with the level of my work and that I was becoming a serious contributor to the quality of the magazine. There has been no sign since that he is hitting on her or that her working relationship has changed much at all, other than for that positive remark.

I asked if it changed how she felt about working with him. She laughed again and said 'This will sound funny but on days when I have such a scheduled meeting, I take off my panties or panty hose beforehand, just in case we need to take another break.' Instinctively I could feel a sharp tingle and a surge of wetness when she said it. She giggled and quipped that maybe it will become like daily Japanese corporate exercise except that we would all happily jerk off together at the beginning of the day. I don't know what to think. What are your thoughts?



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