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Off Track...and Coming!

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I just love masturbating, but it's even better with my new friend!


A couple of months ago I went out to the back country with a group of friends to relax and spend the day picnicking and walking a track which went for a few kilometres through the bush. It was a lovely hot day and I was dressed in tee-shirt, bra, panties and shorts. Also in the group was a guy I'd seen occasionally in one of my biology classes at university. His name is Jeff and he is sooo cute, standing about 5feet 9inches, with wavy brown hair, big brown eyes and big dimples when he smiles-kind of like Tom Cruise.

Anyway, he was there, wearing tee shirt and a pair of track pants which showed off some lovely bulges around the crotch region and every time I looked at him or I saw him look at me, I'd feel all hot and bothered and my cunt would tingle. A couple of times, during a game of volleyball, I accidentally brushed my tits against his arm three or four times. My nipples really started to stand out, begging for some attention and my clitty started stirring in my pants. Finally I just had to find some relief. I told my girlfriend Tina that I had to go for a pee and I grabbed some tissues, wandered up the track a hundred metres or so then walked into the bush about another 50 until I found a nice, shady patch of grass.

I dropped my shorts and panties and started thinking about Jeff and imagining what his penis might look like. Soon I lay back in the cool grass and let my hands cruise around my stomach and genitals which were tingling. God it felt good! I stripped off my tee shirt and bra and lay down again. I'd discovered years ago that my clitoris and nipples are wired together. Plus I find being clean shaven feels more sensual to Tina who I sometimes masturbate with. So I lay there with my eyes closed, gently sliding my wet right index finger up and down my erect clitty while teasing my nipples and aureole with my left fingertips. All the while I was thinking about how it would feel to have Jeff's cock squirting deep inside me. It wasn't long before my vaginal walls started to throb exquisitely and I realised I was moaning and sobbing fairly loud. But I wasn't going to stop. I lifted my hips and started pumping my vagina with three fingers. Fuck! It was one of the most intense self orgasms I'd had in a few years. And when I stopped shuddering I opened my eyes-and there was Jeff at the edge of the little clearing with a huge grin plastered across his face! His track pants showed this huge bulge!

'Shit!' I yelped 'how long have you been there?'

'Sorry,' he said, still with that grin and the big bulge, 'you've been gone a while and we were getting worried.' Much as I felt embarrassed I also felt some real pleasure that I'd been caught in the act. I guess Jeff felt the same way because while I was taking my time over putting on my pants he dropped his. At the first sight of his gorgeous, erect cock I just flopped to my knees and gawped! It's not massive (about 6 1/2 inches long), but it's lovely and thick with big veins and he keeps his hair trimmed right back. He pulled back his foreskin to show me his lovely red head. There was a bubble of pre-come in the crack. Then he said 'I watched you wank, do you wanna watch me?' Soon, with a little lubrication from a combination of his pre-come and my own come he started jerking off. Meantime my hands and lips were roaming around his balls and thighs with my fingertips occasionally diverting to my throbbing genitals. When he let go with a bear like grunt a big wad of semen squirted past my ear and landed at least five feet away! The thought of that happening in my tight little twat! I found myself coming again. We kissed and he promised that we would have a lot more time for some more mutual stimulation.

That promise has been kept and that little clearing in the bush has seen a lot of coming...and coming.



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