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Off the Path

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Being alone was difficult when I was growing up because I had three brothers. I usually always shared a room with, at least, one of these brothers, so I had to find other 'private' areas...


I lived outside a small town in Colorado -- just at the foot of the Rockies. At school, there was a girl named Carla, who I believed to be one of the most attractive girls I've ever met. We flirted and wrestled around during recess, which eventually ended up giving me my first hard on. Frightened, I ran off on her, trying to hide. I found a place between two sheds near one side of the school, where other kids seldom played. I remember rubbing the erection, letting the 'tingling' sensation run through me, but the bell interrupted me and I had to stop.
At home, I learned that the most private spot to masturbate was just off the path of the woods that surrounded our house. I'd wander until I felt safe enough to pull it out and rub myself.
About four years passed and Carla was unsure about where we were. On the surface, we were friends, but she mentioned to me on a couple occasions that she was interested in being my girlfriend. For some reason, I could never bring myself to say much about this. And, of course, I couldn't tell her about my fantasizing in the woods. Oh no, that'd be laying myself open for abuse. Eventually, Carla and I stopped talking as much, stopped seeing each other as much. I began to conjure other girls into my dreams.
Watching television, seeing girls in bikinis, I got the excitement one day and took off running down the path to my private spot. It was my first idea of having multiple girls, actually, and this thought was way over the top. The excitement was uncontrollable and my cock was pinched by my jeans -- jeans I tugged open as I made my way just to relieve the pain of confinement. When I got to my spot and pulled my jeans past my ass to free everything. I stroked the rigid girth of myself with one hand and tugged and lightly kneaded my swelling balls with the other. By this time I had read about prolonged masturbation and used it quite regularly -- I stroked until I felt at the edge of that 'no return,' and then I squeezed the base and tugged on my balls until the threat of the Big O was over and I could continue stroking my shaft. I got it so hard and purple, it looked like it was ready to explode like a bomb.
Then, at the corner of my eye, I caught movement. When I looked, I caught someone's head disappearing behind a tree. Having a heart attack from embarrassment, I dodged to the ground and rolled behind a tree. That's when I heard Carla's voice. She was telling me not to run. She told me to stay and talk to her. She told me that it was okay, to come out. Catching my breath, I tried to stuff my cock back in my slacks, but I was having trouble as she was coming over. When she was where she could see me, she was telling me that she was watching me because I made her horny. I was still afraid, but she finally talked me into pulling it back out. She asked me to teach her how to do it. I let her wrap her fingers around it, explore. I showed her how to jerk on it and feel my balls without hurting me. Giggling, she even kissed it once (a real excitement back then). It wasn't long before I couldn't control myself, having the extra excitement of Carla touching me. I shuddered and my muscles -- from the tip of my toes to the muscles in my face -- jerked uncontrollably over and over again. My cum came out in thick ropes, a heavy volume built up from the prolonged 'build.' She got it all over her sweater and all over her hands and she told me that it was very beautiful.
I asked her, on the way back to my house, how she found me, what she was doing out here. She told me that she'd been thinking about cutting to the chase with me and being the 'aggressive one.' When she found that I wasn't home, she asked my brothers, who told her that I liked to take walks by myself. On the third time of trying to find me, she caught me jerking off and had to watch, but she wasn't brave enough to let me see her. She would have talked to me at school, but we didn't have any classes together. Besides, what she wanted to say was only for the two of us. Needless to say, we started going out and it was one of the greatest relationships I've ever had. There is nothing like learning about sex with someone for your very first time. The curiosity and the experimentation was a formula for some of the greatest combustions I've ever had.



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