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Oedipal Nurse

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At 13, I went into the hospital for a hernia operation. My nurse, Cathy W., seemed old to me then, although now I realize she was in her 30s, not unattractive, just very plain. By this time, my experience with women was a Playboy and nudist magazine my best friend had shown me. The thing I noticed is, it seemed to me, there were only two types of breasts: ones sporting large areola and rather flat nipples, or ones with small areola accompanying protruding nipples; more on this later.

Anyway, the night before my surgery, Nurse Cathy, who was efficient and businesslike with a maternal, nurturing manner, came in to shave my groin area. Lying there exposed around a woman for the first time caused me to start stiffening, and when she held my penis to position it so she could continue, I became fully erect...and mortified. She very calmly assured me that this was normal and natural, that as a professional she'd seen this many times, and there was no need for embarrassment.

The operation went smoothly and later when Nurse Cathy came in to check on the stitches, the same thing happened again. I didn't understand why I couldn't control this reaction.

That fitful and sleepless night, the fellow in the other bed started yelling in pain and calling for a nurse. None responded, and after an interminable amount of time listening to his frustration, I got up, and in discomfort because of the sutures, walked to the nurses' station, where they were gathered around a TV, watching something, drinking coffee, and-this really dates my story-smoking cigarettes.

The next day, Nurse Cathy examined me again and sponged down my private parts so as to avoid the risk of infection. Of course, I became erect, and she said 'My, my, this thing in the way again is becoming quite a distraction.' She complimented me on what she said was a brave, unselfish act (the others had apparently told her of my walk to their station on my roommate's behalf), and said I deserved a reward. She asked if I'd like some tea or orange juice, adding, 'If I was still lactating, I'd offer you some warm milk.' I didn't know what this meant, but replied that milk sounded good, and she answered, 'I'll bet it does,' with a mysterious, throaty laugh.

The following afternoon, the other boy was either discharged or moved to another ward, leaving me alone in the room by the time of Nurse Cathy's visit. She said I was lucky not to have pulled out any stitches on my walk for help, and that they were healing well enough for her to give me a proper wash-off in the bathroom.

Standing there totally naked in the little shower stall in front of a woman, I became erect yet again, and remained that way for the entire wash-down. Nurse Cathy said, 'You poor baby, you're like this all the time. We're going to have to do something to relieve that pressure.' As she was drying me off, she took a very clinical tone, saying 'If you want, I'll manually stimulate you before I get you a fresh gown and change your sheets.'

Having no idea what she was talking about, I dully said, 'OK.'

She pulled the curtains closed around the bed after helping me back in, lowered the bedrail on my right, and raised the whole thing up so the mattress was even with her waist. Undoing the top of her uniform, she started telling me that she'd breastfed her own son until he was 5, stopping only because he'd begun kindergarten. 'I don't know why society today frowns on that,' she said, 'because I loved every minute of it.' When she somehow undid her bra and pulled it off through the sleeve of her uniform, I saw real, live breasts up close for the first time. They were somewhat droopy and saggy, but she had the largest, darkest nipples I'd ever seen...at least the circumference of elongated coffee cups, and the color of Hershey's Chocolate Kisses.

'Let's pretend you're my nursing baby,' she suggested, pulling up on her nipples, then letting her breasts drop to their gravity-influenced position, her left one dangling inches from my face. I took her long, rubbery-thick nipple-which reminded me of thimbles I'd seen in my grandmothers sewing basket-into my mouth. She pulled away and said, 'No, that's not it.' Like a patient teacher, she explained that 'this larger part is the areola. I know it's too big, but you've got to fit as much as you can into your mouth.' At her coaxing to 'suck me...suck harder,' she pushed the palm of her right hand on my erection, pressing it down between my legs or flat against my belly. If I stopped momentarily, she would cradle my head and force the bouncing, jiggling vision back into my mouth, softly whispering 'Ssshh... just nurse,' releasing my penis so it would spring up, pointing straight at the ceiling. After a few minutes of this, she started trembling and appeared to be crying. I stammered an apology, but she said, 'No, you're a good boy and I'm probably the only woman you'll ever meet who can orgasm just off of breast play.'

I didn't know what this meant either, but had no time to ponder it because she said, 'Now let's take care of your little problem... just lie back and relax. Mama will fix it.' Applying some hand lotion, she began gently stretching my foreskin up and down its shaft. In a warm, almost pleading voice, she urged, 'Come for me, sweetie, come to mama, come for Nurse Cathy...you're a big boy, I know you can do it...yes, that's right...there, there, that's it...you know you want to, now come for me...that's a good boy.' As she tightened her fingers around me and accelerated her rubbing strokes, huge globular streams shot out of me, the first barely missing her head and landing feet away up on the wall. 'Whoa, you really needed that, didn't you? I've never seen so much ejaculate' she exclaimed, 'Don't you feel better now?'

After cleaning everything up (including me), I finally slept like a baby that night. I never saw Nurse Cathy again; maybe she'd heard of upcoming shift changes or my imminent release. In any case, this is my 'message in a bottle,' thanking her for my first-and most sensual-erotic experience ever.



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