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Ode To The Contributors' Page At SOLO

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This story is my tribute to all the wonderful, sexy people contributing stories for our enjoyment.
As I settled in to my work for the day, I was exhausted but encouraged by the fact that the project I would be working on would be far more interesting than the usual dry medical books I work on. This project was a book on human sexuality to be published in the near future. I was given a list of more than 500 descriptions of images that are to be placed in the book; my role in this project is to find images to match the descriptions. While searching for one of the images, a picture reflecting a young man masturbating, my browser found a very promising web site entitled Solo. Thus began a 2-day orgy of voyeurism, fantasy, and self-gratification.
The project forgotten, I read my first contributed story. In my imagination, I stood alongside the woman as she watched Bill stroking his huge glistening cock, working it to cum in a woman's face; I felt the first wave of what was to be continuous wetness through my body. As she began to finger herself, I was watching behind her camera, unable to resist touching myself in tandem with her. My breath had shortened, my nipples were hard, my pussy was pulsing.
Next, I walked naked with Lisa through her house, watching her masturbate against her headboard, with her when she and her friend were sharing the taste of a man, watching while their lips almost met, wishing they would, wanting to be a third female there, sharing that cock, meeting those lips. Oh God, my first orgasm came pulsing through. The mouse dropped, my hands had to touch my convulsing pussy.
Again able to concentrate, I next visited with the two men comparing their restored foreskins. They were so involved that I didn't want to interrupt (even in my imagination), but just enjoyed watching them jerk off each other; I had to put my fingers inside myself while the two exploded with those indescribable jets of passion, my muscles contracting tightly around my fingers... I wanted to tell them both how beautiful they were.
I am with the 78-year-old man, wishing he could impart some of that vast experience to me directly, preferably while inside me; tried to imagine if my husband would let me use plastic wrap to jerk him off; watching that man put the 8-inches up his ass, wanting to be the one easing it in; the next two orgasms came pulsating one after another. One hand holding my lips open, the other frantically massaging my clit. Oh God, I have never felt so intense!
Still convulsing and thinking (hoping?) it would never stop, I went to my bedroom, which is right next to my office. Needing a hand free for the mouse, but now needing constant stimulation, I got my vibrator with its built-in stimulation for my clit, which was hard and swollen and wet; my heart pumping, my breath catching in my throat.
Dave being tongue-fucked by the guy at work sent the 5th (6th?) orgasm convulsing around the vibrator. By now I was dripping. I eased the vibrator out and licked it so I could taste myself, then sucked my fingers dripping with my own juices; wishing they were a hard throbbing cock attached to a warm hard male.
I was truly exhausted now but promised myself just one more story before forcing myself to stop. "3-Way Fun" was the title of the story I chose for last. It quickly became 4-way fun in my imagination. I was with Dave, Wayne, and Carolyn as they met on the bed, watching Wayne dive into Carolyn's nest, feeling Dave nibble her breasts, shivering when Dave sucked Wayne's cock while Wayne was sucking on Carolyn. I was with Dave while he was tonguing her clit, my tongue mingling with his on her, sucking, moaning, then dipping down to meet with Wayne's fingers as he stroked inside her; catching Dave's cum in my mouth while Carolyn and Wayne watched..... These orgasms were nonstop! My breasts were throbbing, my muscles clenching like never before. I was satisfied like never before.
I wonder to what other exciting worlds this project may take me..... (Of course, if this happens with every picture I search for, this project could take yeeeaaaars)
 Thank you all for the joy I found here.



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