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Odd Experience

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I have noticed a large number of entries on the site regarding male to male encounters. I am not gay but have been intrigued with the thought of jerking off with another guy. I have never acted on it until 2 months ago.
I travel frequently and am a self-employed business man located in Virginia. I usually fly but the distance to North Carolina was so short it was not practical to go 35,000 feet.
I finished the meeting and checked into the hotel. I checked in dropped my luggage in the room and walked to a local bar within 30 feet of the hotel.
It was a tough day. After a while an overweight couple sat next to me. They were not attractive but intriguing in their conversations and sexual overtures. I was getting pretty shit-faced but struck up a conversation with the guy. We had idle chit-chat until his conversation changed to vague comments to 'if it does not hurt do it' to ' I have done everything and have no regrets'. His discussions changed to we are members of a nudist colony in South Carolina and I have been real lucky at the outings and none of them have been with women. He then said do you understand what I am saying? I for some reason became hard as a rock. I was flushed in the face and totally erect and said - ' I know exactly what you are saying'.
He asked me if I was turned on by this kind of thing. I responded yes. He then said if you want to know how I feel about it then meet me in the restroom in 2 minutes so that it will not be obvious.
I sipped my drink and watched him head to the restroom. I waited 1 minute and headed to the men's room. I entered the room and we chatted for a while. I asked him if he was excited and he pulled down his jeans to expose a 3'-4' woody. It was very large in diameter but was rather short. He asked me to show him if I was excited- I showed him my 6.5' woody. We started stroking each others dicks but felt awkward because of being in a public bathroom,
I returned to the table and discreetly gave him my hotel number and suggested that we continue this encounter at 7 a.m. in my room.
I then went back to my room. But, I was so intrigued with what was about to happen. I had never had a male to male contact and was so turned on. I grabbed a courtesy bottle of lotion and dripped it on my 6.5' erection. I used slow strokes to extend the pleasure. When I came it was after 3 near orgasms. I have not ejaculated at this volume since I was an adolescent. I went to sleep and was wakened up with a call from this guy.
It was 7;15 a.m. and he called asking if I was still interested. I told him that it would be great and would be undressed appropriately. He walked through the lobby and knocked on my door. I answered naked and partially erect. He walked in and I immediately grabbed his crotch. He was hard as a rock even though his unit was 3 to 4 inches in length. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it like it was natural. He pulled off his cheap gym sweats and grabbed my fully erect dick. I was stroking his dick for a while until he suggested that he suck me. I was totally game and he went down on me.
But, during his commenting on how big my cock was and watching my dick go in and out of his mouth I freaked out. I told him to stop and that we should just jerk off together. We did but he was much more sexual driven than me and shot 4 tablespoons of cum on his chest compared to my normal 2 tablespoons.
I have felt so weird and guilty about my encounter. I am not gay but am intrigued by thinking about other men. I really wish I had cummed in his mouth but it just seemed weird to me at the moment.



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