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Obsession With Masturbation From Age 10.

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This happened a few days ago, and I like my first exposure to my hormones and my orgasm.


I never knew that such a thing existed, until only a few days ago, when I had an extremely shocking and crazy feeling that is apparently called orgasm. I am still an inexperienced girl of 10, that has not physically developed at all yet, but I think that my hormones must be running by now from what has happened a couple of days ago.
I am the youngest of my family, that was referred to this site by one of my sisters. I do not have any boyfriends, I think boys are dirty. I am the only one that has not gone through puberty yet, all my sisters had a pronounced bosom, curved hips and womanly bodies. I am still have a flat chest, with a clean straight bottom, something that I want to keep for as long as possible. I like to impersonate a boy, without being as inconsiderate as they are. Some of the other girls in my class started to poke their shirts at chest level, meaning they were going through puberty, which some call the curse. Others still have flat chests like me, some who want to have a bosom, while people like me who want to keep their flat chests, although I knew we all must develop some day. Some of us even had their periods or 'curses' already. I did not mind using the slang that my friends are brought up in, and use slang even though I know the appropriate terms. I never touched myself until something happened a few days ago.
My parents had to go for some important business, but we all knew that they wanted a romantic night out away from us. So we generally ate our dinner and went our separate ways- or so I thought. They apparently all went upstairs while I went and watched TV in the lower level. After a while, there was nothing on, so I decided to go up and bathe. While I was going to my room, I heard some noises coming from my sisters' bedroom. I heard some movement, and the increased labor of breathing. After a while I heard some moaning. I realized that all 4 of my sisters were there when they started talking, saying that they felt so good and wanted even more. I didn't know what they were talking about, so I listened in. They moaned even more, but after a while, the second youngest in my family asked what if I found them out. My oldest sister said not to worry because I was only ten and would not know how to 'come', and besides I was a girl as well. I let curiosity get the better of me and opened the door to my sisters' room. I saw my second and third sisters together on top of one of the beds, my second had her wet hand in my third's pussy and my third sucking my second's breast. My youngest had her back to me, with her shirt on and my oldest was licking her pussy. Other than my youngest who only had a t-shirt, everyone was bare, I could see their pussies and their really big, erect breasts. The 3 stopped, but my youngest was moaning so loudly, and with her hand in her pussy, kept rubbing it. She went into shock, and finally started to breathe slower than before, saying she came. Then she realized that I saw her actions and of all my sisters. However, I did not know what they were doing, and after asking them, they told me it was nothing worthwhile to tell our parents and to go and bathe.
While I was stripping my clothes to go bathe, I noticed a slight wet stain on my panties where my pussy was. I was terrified, was I peeing on myself? I did not really bother too much about it though, and went into the bathtub. While I was showering, I thought back as to what my sisters were doing, and why was it so good. I reviewed the scene in my head while I aimed the shower to my chest, it tickles there and it was the funny tickle, and I like it when I was bathing my flat chest. I even tried to do what my youngest did with no avail. I decided I had enough bathing and when I drew the shower curtains, I was surprised to see my sisters inside the bathroom with only their bra and panties. I asked what was going on, but they seemed to have had a plan with me, stripping to nudity and turning back on the shower. My oldest said my sisters will give me the experience of a lifetime, as well as answer the question of what they were doing in their bedroom, as long as I did not tell our parents. I agreed, and they pushed me face up in the bathtub, decreasing the water flow. My second and third started using their hands to massage my nipples and my oldest started massaging my hairless pussy without putting her hand in it yet. My youngest watched my other sisters and started fondling with her breasts. I noticed that her breasts got larger and erect, and would suppose that would happen to me when I started getting them. At the beginning, it would seem that what my sisters were doing was useless, but after a while I noticed that I was breathing faster myself, having a funny tickle and wanting more. My youngest sister switched places with my older, and my sisters started with moves that are more erotic: my second and third started concentrating closer to my red and hard nipples; my youngest started rubbing my clit. It felt a little painful, but I could withstand it, and in time dwindled down to nothing. I was really energetic now, feeling that I will exert a lot of energy, yet my sister told me to hold on. My third was actually sucking my left nipple now, and my third was licking my right nipple. My youngest placed her head close to my pussy and started licking my clit. That electrified me, and that funny feeling shifted down to my pussy, really powerful, but I wanted this to continue and get even more powerful.
After a minute of switching places and caressing me, I felt that the powerful feeling I had in my pussy had to be exerted. My third, who was not doing anything, told me to hold just a little more. All four of my sisters crowded around my sister, and all together placed their fingers in my pussy and started rubbing my pussy. That got me really off, and only withstanding one second of this clitoral assault at such an excited state, I released all this energy. I felt a lot of pulses through my pussy that spread over my body again and again, for 5 or so seconds, when the pulses diminished and died out. But I was surprised, and I liked that feeling. My sisters started to dress up and after reminding me not to tell our parents about our experience, left.
After this, I got addicted with masturbation, and went into orgasm several times, some with my sisters per day. One thing that I notice is that my strongest orgasms would make my pussy wet, and I sometimes thought of some of the boys that I was friends with. I do not know what I think, but I think my hormones are running, and it would be soon that I will getting my buds, and sooner or later my periods. Until then, I like masturbating even with an undeveloped body.



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