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Obsessing over His Undies

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This happened during my visit to New York to see my family for Thanksgiving in 2007. I travelled up by car with my siblings. When we got there, I planned on staying in my aunt's house while my siblings would stay at my grandma's close by.

I planned on staying at my aunt's place because she recently married and I expected to see her husband's son when I got there. He's in his late teens and has medium dark complexion, beautiful brown eyes and a lean build. I have been trying to sneak a peek at him in the bathroom or when he was changing for the past few years with no luck. When he'd visit us, I tried to find some of his undies in his luggage, but I wasn't able to because I didn't want to leave any trace of my rummaging.

Anyway, this Thanksgiving he was with his mother so I didn't get to see him at all the few days of my vacation. I did develop the plan to look through his room a bit and see what I could find. His laptop was there-no porn. He didn't even have Solo Touch bookmarked! After looking around for porn and looking through his clean clothes, I came across his hamper. It had mostly shirts and jeans. I knew I didn't want to get caught doing something weird, so I waited until just about everyone was out shopping on black friday morning and made my way down the creaky hall to his room and found everything as I had left it the day before. I dug a little deeper and found a nice light blue striped pair of boxers-jackpot!!! I immediately lifted them up to my face and inhaled deeply where his ass and balls would have been when he wore them. Unfortunately, there was only a faint smell of his body odor. I guess he's only partway through puberty and he hasn't begun to sweat a whole lot. Once I smelled them, my dick had immediately got hard. It didn't help that I spent part of the night looking at porn on my ipod and that I didn't sleep much the night before. I started rubbing my cock and balls through my shorts and underwear. I was getting so turned on by having his boxers all over my face.

I was really horny and ready to jerk off when I thought that there must be something in the hamper with more of his essence. I dug a little more deeper and I found a couple of his tube socks. I have noticed that he has really nice feet (its a bit of a fetish of mine). I lifted his dirty sock to my nose and smelled the sweet salty odor of his sweaty feet and my dick jumped to attention. I instantly had a fiendish idea: pull that sock over my dick and jerk into it while smelling the boxers.

I took my treasures back into my room and closed the door. No one else was home at the moment, but why not be safe? When I got back into the room, I pulled the smelly sock over my dick and balls completely. I turned on my favorite ipod porno and inhaled so deeply from his boxers, you'd think it was an oxygen mask. I was so turned on by the sensation of the fabric of the smelly sock on my dick and the faint ass and dick smell in the boxers and the hot man-on-man porn I had on that I came within minutes. The whole time I imagined his ass in my face and his feet wrapped around my leaking dick. The orgasm was so powerful I can still hear the junk on the dresser rattling with each burst of cum into his sock.

After about a minute or two I came back down to earth and made sure all my cum was still in the sock. I returned what I had found back to the dirty clothes hamper in his room just as I had found it, and I tried to relax and take a shower, but even after a few minutes I was still horny. Still longing for the sensations that would probably be the closest I get to being with him. I could feel the pressure filling my dick again, and since the house was still very empty, I decided to go for round two.

I found his boxers and his sock again. The sock was still wet with my semen where his toes should have been. This time I took the sock to my face and smelled what I have been longing for. The mixed smells of my cum and his foot got me raging hard once again, so I took the boxers and wrapped them around my dick and balls and rubbed them over my dick and my crotch. I imagined the two of us naked in front of one another and rubbing our cocks together until I couldn't control myself any longer and I blew another explosive load all inside the boxers. I felt pretty satisfied as I wiped up the last bits of cum with the boxers.

Again, I returned the underwear back to the hamper where I had found them half-hoping he would find them and know what I had done, though if he really did, I'd probably have some explaining to do.

Those were two of the best orgasms I ever had. I'll be visiting for Christmas 2008, and I'm hoping if I can't be with him and touch him, I may at least be able to experience the pleasures of his arousing underwear and scent one more time.



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