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Obsessed With a Country Boy

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This is just as much a descriptive story as it is a masturbation story, so you may want to skip down some if you are looking for the juicy stuff


I live in a town that's probably unlike any other. It's a suberb to a good sized city in Tulsa, and it happens to be big enough to seem like a city of it's own, and yet you go into some of the neighborhoods, and all of a sudden you end up in front of a large pasture with cows and everything. That mixture means that we have big city thugs and 'tough guys,' but you also have the country boys. And then you have the boy of my dreams. Something of a mix between the social skills of a city boy but the technical knowledge and gentle kindness of a country boy. He's perfect.

Honestly I don't know how he doesn't have girls falling all over him. He's very attractive, about 5'10', and an absolute ripped body (as I later got to see just how ripped) I learned later that he is 20, and lives with his single mom and he takes care of the house for her and she lets him stick around while he goes to college. It seems like he's always outside, whether it's buried under the hood of his truck or riding his dirt bike around. He would always wear faded jeans and a wife beater. But then (for those girls who aren't into country mechanics) Friday night would roll around and his garage would open and he rolls out on the sexiest sport bike I've ever seen. I later learned that his one vice is street racing, and that's where he goes every Friday. But that isn't part of this story...

I guess I should take a moment to describe myself. I'm about 5'4', really skinny, C cup breasts, (almost too big for my petite stature) and honestly a nice body. I won't spend too much time on it because it's hard to describe yourself without sounding cocky, but I will say I am on the volleyball team at school and I have the stereotypical 'super fit' body. I was 16 when this happened.

I would always find excuses to walk by his house just to see him out there. We only live about a block apart and our neighborhood is very friendly, so there are constantly people out walking dogs or jogging or watering gardens or whatever. Well when he got on his dirt bike and took off I always wondered where he went since our neighborhood is technically in the middle of the city and his bike isn't street legal so wherever he was it couldn't be far away. I tried following him several times on foot or on a bike but thanks to his skill with the sport bike, he was incredibly fast and I would always lose him.

Well I finally figured out that if I catch him riding it after dark he goes a lot slower so he doesn't disturb the neighbors (what a great guy!) so one night as I was just finishing dinner I heard him go by and knew that this was my chance. It was kinda cold outside and I only had gym shorts and a cami on, but I knew I had to go. So I quickly wiped my hands off on my shirt (that becomes important later) and I was finally able to follow him to a dead end that until now I had thought lead to impenetrable forest. As it turns out there is a small gap that he has cut through the trees and bushes that is almost impossible to see until you get about 10 feet in. From here on I was a little nervous because while I'm not afraid of the dark or the woods, I've seen more than my fair share of deer, coyotes, and even a bobcat in my neighborhood. About 50 feet into the trail I happened to see an ice chest tucked off to the side that looked like it was placed there for a reason and not just someone dumping their trash. I opened it up to find his shirt and hoodie that he had been wearing not five minutes ago. I couldn't resist; I picked them up and smelled them. Still warm! They smelled so masculine, not at all what you would call a body odor, but the smell of a man. I don't know how to describe it any other way. I quickly put the clothes back and closed the lid, and continued on down the trail. I proceeded cautiously following his trail until I finally broke out into a field that looked like nothing I had ever seen.

It was a huge expansion of probably 10 acres that I had never known existed. I saw on the far side it looked like the ground had been dug out and flattened, but whoever had done it had left pillars of dirt that stretched up to the original height of the ground, which was about a nine foot difference. Beyond that was what looked to be where whoever had been digging decided to stop, because it ended in a 10 foot wall of dirt that went up to what used to be ground level and immediately returns to a forest. On that far side, I could look across and see him racing across the dusty expanse at what seemed to be an impossible speed, going through turns so fast his back tire would slide all the way out to the side. I decided I wanted to get closer, and the best way seemed to be off to the right on the edge of where they had been digging where the ground sloped at it's original angle and ended up on top of the far ridge. There was a full moon, so I could see fine and I made it over without any trouble.

When I got over I could see a lot better and I understood why he had taken off his shirt. He was riding so hard that even in the 50 degree weather he was glistening with sweat. (I was freezing!) from a higher vantage point I could see that he had quite an expansive set up for not owning the land. Off to my left in the corner he had built a functional lean-to and underneath I could see another ice chest, a couple chairs, and what looked to be several tool boxes. After about 10 minutes of watching him race around between the pillars he rode over to the lean-to he had set up and got off the bike and sat down. Being the first time to see him up close without a shirt on, I took account of just how sexy he was. Six pack abs, huge arms, and an amazing chest. I also noticed a scar that ran from right between his pecks and disappeared into his jeans. I know a scar like that is a sign of a major surgery, but to me it just made him even sexier. Running from his left peck diagonally down to his lower back was a sexy tattoo that looked like a 3 clawed animal had cut him (I later learned it was a velociraptor slash because Jurassic Park is his favorite movie) anyways he sat down and just kinda rested for a while, but then he got up and started walking in my direction. I got anxious for a moment but then he stopped and, in the moonlight, I saw him pull his dick out and start to pee. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I have seen them before, on my younger brother and on some guy friends, and I've even seen a couple hard, but this was totally different. He wasn't erect at all but it looked to me like even his dick was strong. I didn't know that was possible! Well by now I had my shirt totally off (no bra, remember I hadn't planned on going out) and my shorts were around my ankles. I wasn't fully masturbating yet but I knew I was ready. He eventually finished, and, to my surprise, he left it out and went back and sat down! I know some guys like to do that cause my little brother loves to walk around the house with a boner, even though he only seems to do it when our parents aren't home. Anyways I was shocked at my luck! Here I was in a great hiding spot with a great view of my crushes dick! I was in heaven. And then it happened...

Apparently digging out ground and then stopping so sharply leaves an unstable edge, because I heard a light rustling beneath me and then I went tumbling down ten feet to the dust below. By the time the dust cleared he was by my side asking if I was alright and then in one moment he saw my situation (no shirt, tennis shoes, shorts around ankles) and got a very confused look on his face. None the less he asked me if I was ok, and helped me pull my shorts up. My shirt was still up on the ridge. (at some point he had already put his dick away) I had hurt my leg so he picked me up and carried me back to the lean-to. He sat me down in a chair and pulled out one of the tool boxes which turned out to be a very extensive first aid kit and started to wrap my leg. All the while he's not looking at my exposed boobs, but he's looking me in the eye, and casually talking like I was just some friend! He told me he kept the box out there in case he got into an accident on the bike. He asked me where my shirt was, and after telling him he started to climb up the wall. When he got eye level with the ground, he found himself face to face with a coyote with my shirt in it's mouth! (remember me wiping my hands on my shirt?) apparently it had smelled my dinner and decided it wanted some. In one motion he jumped up onto the ledge and pulled out a hunting knife he had attached to his belt and tried to scare the thing enough to get it to drop the shirt, but instead it took off into the woods, leaving me topless.

He came back down and told me he would give me a ride back to the other side of the field where he stores his shirt and hoodie (which I already knew about) and then I could wear that home. He asked if I wanted to go now but my leg was still hurting and I thought things had gone well so far and I would never have a better chance to talk to him than now so I told him I wasn't ready.

We talked for over an hour. I learned that the scar was actually there because he was a cancer survivor and had to have major surgery a year before. He was very polite and asked lots of questions about me. After about an hour there was a quiet moment between us (not awkward just quiet) and he asked 'so are you gonna tell me what you were doing up there with your pants around your ankles? Normally I would have been embarrassed beyond all else but he said it with a kind smile in a way that was more comical curiosity than accusing or even horny. So I decided to be honest. I told him I had been watching him and saw his dick and got excited and started rubbing myself. Now, for the first time, I saw a look of mischief in his eye. He told me 'it's too bad, cause I was actually considering doing that myself. If you hadn't fallen down I probably would have' I was disappointed but I laughed it off. I felt comfortable around him now, and I decided to take a leap of faith. I said 'well I didn't get to finish, and it sure would be nice if I could see it again so I could take care of things' he smiled but I saw a bit of hesitation on his face. I asked what's wrong and he told me he didn't want to take advantage of me because I was younger. (see! Such a gentleman) I smiled and said 'tonight has been pretty embarrassing. How about when we leave here we pretend like none of this ever happened? He assumed I had changed the subject and lightheartedly agreed. Then I followed up, 'and since we are going to forget everything that happens, then I suppose there would be no harm in having some fun would there?' he smiled, realizing he had been caught in my trap. He agreed at long as there was no sex and nothing left that field. I agreed.

I dropped my shorts and spread my legs, enjoying his face as he watched with rather innocent curiosity. I asked him if he had ever seen a girl play with herself. He told me his little sister plays with herself in front of him all the time, but he didn't pay too much attention and in any case she was only 13 and had barely started developing. I told him I understand because my brother does the same thing. I think I'm the only girl in the world that has to tell her little brother not to cum in her room (forgive the pun) so he pulls out his dick and it slowly grows to life, still just as muscly and sexy as it had been before. It was incredible watching him pump his shaft in the blue moonlight. After a few minutes I started to feel my orgasm coming along as well as something else. A pressure I wasn't used to. But by that time it was too late and it just happened. I orgasmed and simultaneously shot a long stream of pee straight in front of him. Not even a squirt! It was pee! I thought I would die of embarrassment but it seemed to turn him on even more and push him over the edge because he came in long streaks running up his chest. As we came down from our highs he reached back and grabbed a rag from a toolbox and quietly came over and started wiping down my inner thighs, vagina, and butt area. It was so sensual it almost sent me over again! He cleaned me up and went back to get another to clean himself up with and on impulse again I stopped him. I walked over and wiped a streak of cum off with my finger and put it in my mouth. It was good! A very sexual taste If there is such a thing. I looked up and told him I'd always wanted to know what it tasted like but I never had the guts to taste my brothers. He just smiled knowingly.

We got finished cleaning up and he went over and started the dirt bike. I went and got on behind him, neither of us wearing shirts, and pressed myself against him as he started off across the field. We got to the clothes chest and he gave me the hoodie and he took the shirt. We continued on and got to my house in no time at all. He shut the bike off and got off to say goodbye. I asked him when I could return the hoodie, and he smiled and said keep it. It can be your reminder of the secret friendship we have. I thought I was gonna cry! I leaned in and gave him a hug. When I looked up at him he surprised me by giving me an extended kiss. It wasn't a french kiss or anything like that, but the care that I felt from him was overwhelming. He let go of me and climbed on the bike and said 'now you know where to find me. You think you can keep it secret?' through another winning smile. I promised I'd never tell a soul, and with that he rode away. I walked into the house feelng as if I had just gone through a dream. I looked at a clock a realized it was almost two am. Fortunately my parents were out of town and no one had to know what happened. Since then I'll go by his house and he'll smile and wave, and no one would ever know. But every once in a while, I'll hear that dirt bike fire up at night, and I'll know immediately where he's going. A couple times I've been able to go out again on those nights, but that's for another time...

Please comment if you would like to hear more! I really enjoyed sharing my experience



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