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Obsessed 15-year-old

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Found my old wank diary in a box of old stuff and thought other readers would be interested in some of the details!


I've been interested in the details that some guys have recorded about their masturbation habits. I kept a wank-diary when I was in my teens, and although unfortunately some of the pages have been rendered nearly illegible by damp, it still shows what an obsessively sexual being I was at 15. I recorded so many aspects and details of masturbation that it's a wonder I had time to do anything else.
Reading it over again (no of course I never threw it away!) I can tell you that in the calendar year that contained my 16th birthday, I masturbated a total of 863 times (an average of somewhere between 2 and 3 times a day over the whole year). At least, that's how many are listed there! For the vast majority of those, I was in bed, and for most of the others, in the shower. It does however record that I wanked 16 times in the garden, 12 times at school (mainly in the boys bathrooms), 11 times in public lavatories, 9 times in the park after football, 4 times in the showers at the local swimming pool, 3 times on a train and twice in the back of dad's car. I licked up my own jizz after over 200 wanks that year, and stuck a finger or something larger up my asshole during about 90. I got caught twice (once by mum with a magazine on my bed, once by my older brother watching one of his porn videos in the TV room when I thought the house was empty - I can still remember how furious he was!). The longest I went without cumming was 4 days (illness) and the most wanks in one day was 7 (boredom in the long summer vacation. That day was part of a week that also contained two days with three wanks, two days with four and two days with five, a total for the whole week of 31 orgasms by my own hand. Can any one top this?)
8 wanks were with my mate Dan. I hadn't realized it had been quite so regular. For seven of them we just watched his straight pornos while we jerked off sitting next to each other, but for one we worked each other's dicks and splashed jizz on our hands. I have no idea what's happened to Dan now. (Apart from Dan, I only ever wanked with one other straight guy in my life: a guy my age called Steve who I worked with at a hospital when we were 18. We got so bored cleaning up crap that we tried most ways of livening up long night shifts, including a couple of mutual wanks. He had a beautiful long penis but I never got to touch it).
For over 400 hundred of those wanks that year I fantasized about a guy at school called Will. I had completely forgotten about Will till I re-read this diary earlier today. He was blond, sporty and adorably cute. (Ironically, a couple of years after the diary was written, I had a 3-day fling with Will, during which he turned out to be small-dicked, boring and sexually unadventurous. Luckily he wasn't my first: I had already got hooked into sex with other guys by two much hotter older boys at school).
It's also interesting that 2 months before my 16th birthday I recorded the length of my erection at 7 and a quarter inches (which is exactly what it is today age 26 - I just measured). For some of the wanks I also recorded the intensity of the orgasm with marks out of ten for electricity (ranging from 1 = flat and lifeless ejaculation to 10 = mind-blowing, bone-crunching climax). I recorded only 16 top grade 10s in the whole year - and interestingly all but one of those were shower wanks with soapy fingers up my ass. I think I had probably found my prostate without knowing what it was. (I had obviously not yet discovered how sensitive my nipples were, as there is no mention of them at all the whole year.) The average score was about 6/7. There were no scores lower than 4. I can also tell you that for the vast majority of wanks in bed my jizz landed north of my nipples and on four occasions hit the wall behind the bed.
It seems that I had only 3 different magazines during the whole year. All were straight mags showing pics of solo girls, and were hidden (predictably) under my bed. Considering this was nothing like what I was into, I can only assume that if I'd had the porn I really wanted, or access to the net, my wanking statistics would probably be vastly more frequent. I also find it very interesting to compare the sexual behavior of my teenage self with me today, ten years later. Though I don't keep a sex diary now, I can still tell how important masturbation is to me. I've been in a completely monogamous relationship for three years, and wank on my own almost never, perhaps once a week or even less. But my partner and I wake every morning together and reach for each other's cocks, and spend our first moments awake jacking each other off while we kiss and cuddle. After this we always shower together before getting ready for work. The sex we have in the afternoon and at night is more athletic, but in the mornings it's always mutual masturbation. Perhaps the teenage need hasn't really gone away, but now I just share it.
If any other guy kept a diary like this, it would be interesting to hear the stats. I've had a great day remembering what it was like to be an obsessive teenage masturbator.



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