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Nurses Examination

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I have been reading the stories about different experiences about doctors tales, and thought I would share my tale that just recently happened.

It kind of backs up that it is possible to get turned on getting examined.

I had gone to the nurse this week but was not expecting to get an internal examination. I had, as normal, masturbated that morning, and then showered to go to the doctors.

When the nurse said to get a better understanding of what was causing me problems she would do an internal examination that caught me off guard.

There I was naked from the waist down with my legs spread, I had just recenly been in the same position but for very different reasons...

The nurse put on her gloves and inserted her finger, and did her bits. I felt not much at this point, but as she was moving her finger about she asked me if I had recently had intercourse as I had some fluid in me and it could contaminate the specimen she was taking. I said I had not had but she still continued and said that by recently it could have been in the last 24 hours as it may still be in me. I had then to tell her that I had not had sex in a long time so it was not that.

She then said if I was not having regular intercourse was I masturbating. I had to admit I did to which she asked had I masturbated recently and if so how recently. When I admitted I had masturbated that morning, something inside me started getting horny. By admitting to this person that I had less than an hour ago been thrusting a vibrator inside myself where she still had her fingers inserted was making me very wet. She said that there would have been some fluid as there was clearly some left over if I had orgasmed. I told her that I had brought myself to orgasm, and was very embarrassed admitting this. The nurse said not to worry it happens all the time. She had by this point taken her fingers out but I was still lying with my legs wide open as she had not said to move. By this point with my pussy on show and getting some fresh air, along with the thought of this stranger knowing that I had played with myself that morning, I was in an obvious state of arousal. Its not only men that its obvious when aroused, with my legs wide open and held up in the air for the exam my clit now was red and throbbing.

The nurse then said that she would not be able to get a true swab when I was so wet and in this state, she said that if I needed to I could masturbate now to relieve my tension. It must have been so obvious that I was sexually frustrated. I did not know what to do, she said it would make no differece to her and just to go for it so I could go home with less tension and should not leave when in such a high state of arousal. I started to finger myself and knew it would be no time at all before I would orgasm. The fingering was quite loud as I was so wet, but I came within seconds. She handed me a tissue and left the room.

When she returned I was dressed and waiting, my nurse then said that next time I booked my appointment to make sure I did not masturbate that morning, if I could. She understood it was difficult as she was in the same situation herself, but to just wait until after the examination. So it shows that sometimes your pussy reacts in the strangest situations when you would not expect or want to be aroused.



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