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Number 3

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A remark made to my cousin about his penis prompted this experience of mine about 10 years ago. This is told as best as I remember it. This is not the kind of story you tell about someone after they have died in a politically correct forum but solo is anything but a P.C forum.


Recently my cousin died and everybody was sharing moments that they had with him and so was I but one particular moment I only dare speak of in this forum.
We had been hiking in the mountains on a trail near my cousins house, at the time I was about 10 and therefore my cousin was 17. When we got to a certain point on the trail my cousin expressed his urge to urinate. Being so far along on the trail he pulled down his shorts enough to take out his penis and start pissing right there on the trail. Well compared to me he was well endowed and of course hairy and I could not keep my eyes off of his penis although I really did make an effort. So he pissed and shook it off and I only realize now started taking more time with his penis than he really needed to. Then he looked at me and asked if I had to pee also and I said no. At this point his dick is still out so I decided to make a comment about it. 'wow thats big' I said.
'show me yours' he said. I did show him and he felt it and said that it was real nice for a boy my age and that it made him want to do a number 3. I had heard of number 1 and 2 but number 3. My cousin started slowly stroking his growing penis while I gawked at him.
'Do me a favor...come here' my cousin said and he had me grip it and pump so for about ten minutes I got schooled in how to grip it and pump correctly then I started doing it the correct way and I kept saying we are going to get caught and he'd say don't worry about it. Soon he took over the pumping and told me to watch what happens. 'put your hand out' my cousin almost demanded and I did and thats when the wierdest thing I had ever saw come from someones body spilled onto my hand it looked like snot and felt really warm then he took my hand and rubbed it on my shirt. My shirt looked like a giants snot rag with all the smeared cum. Then my cousin said don't ever tell anyone but while your here every once and a while you'll help me go number three so I did about 4 times more and because I was very close with my cousin never told anyone. Anyway my cousin explained that this stuff was his 'jizz' and that this is how babies get made...anyway in three days at his house I knew the entire story of the birds and bees 2 years before my dad taught me about it. I did not start masturbating myself until about 2 years after helping my cousin with his number 3. I visited my cousin also 2 years later and for some reason could not get him in a discussion about masturbation rather he apologized to me for what happened when I was 10 but I did not want an apology just to see him do another number 3. It never happened again.



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