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Nudist Sauna in Europe

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This is a true story from this year in an experience in Northern Europe. I am leaving out the exact place to avoid pervs from finding it!


I was on a week long vacation, getting away from it all in Europe. I tend to be open minded to new experiences, especially if they challenge my notions of how things ought to be. I like to stay healthy with exercise and relaxation. I had read about some saunas where I was going, so decided to check them out.

The facility was fantastic and uber-modern and cool, not a rustic cabin in the woods. Upon arriving and checking in, I am given a robe and towel and directed to the locker room.

It is here where much of the planet would be aghast. There was only a single locker room for men and women. Again, it was nice, spacious, and classy with hardwoods, marble, etc. to make it feel inviting. The tough part was to avoid an immediate erection from the ladies undressing and moving around, buck naked, just a meter away.

So with a massive hard-on under my robe and towel hanging in front of me, I go through the next door to find a nudist, relaxing, spa wonderland. There are dry hot rooms, wet hot rooms, mint rooms, baths of every variety, including salts, scented, showers and more. Everywhere there are naked people of all ages and shapes and sizes. To my delight (and surprise) the women outnumbered the men two to one, which made sense to me after thinking about it. Spa treatments aren't that macho.

The only place with any privacy were the toilets. Each was a small stall, but had full walls, floor to ceiling and a full door. I immediately went straight to one and stroked out a giant cum all over the toilet, but made sure to clean up, just in case I opened the door and a cute hottie was waiting to pee. Didn't want her to find my cum everywhere.

I proceeded to enjoy all the baths, floating in the salt bath, getting burned in the steam room, and settled in for the classic jacuzzi with bubbles. There were two tubs, one was bubbling, and one not. I looked everywhere for the timer to turn on the calm tub, but soon realized they were just set to cycle, about 10 minutes each. These tubs had bubble jets that came up from the seats rather than at the back as is typical. Sitting in the bubbling one, two absolutely stunning, buck naked women came to join me, and just sit in the tub. I noticed that they seemed to be getting off, but just smiled away at me. Then two more gorgeous babes with very neatly trimmed pubic hair (which is positioned righ in front of my face) step on to the stairs to get in.

Uh-oh, one looks right at me, I look up, and she starts rambling in a foreign language. Basically, all she was trying to figure out was whether the bubbles had been on long, or if she should go to the calm pool and wait for it. I should have shrugged and smiled, but I opened my mouth and said 'I dunno. I just blah, blah, blah...' It didn't matter, cause as soon as she heard me, she figured out I was some foreigner, she covered her vagina and turned around with her friend and left for the other tub where they stared at me and continued their jibberish (I wonder if they thought I was a spy who'd write about them on Solo-Touch!)

Meanwhile, my hard on was back, and I had scheduled for a sports massage in a few minutes. I got out, trying to cover my raging pecker, and got the robe on asap. It calmed down as I walked through the building to the other area. When I went to the massage room, the masseuse was a woman in her older years. I just flat out told her I was likely to get erect. She said no worries, it's natural. I lay face down for the first half, and then the dreaded 'roll over' with my hard on. So she took a towel to cover me, but just about whipped my dick with it as it annoyed her. She finished the massage professionally to my sadness, so I found my way back to the toilet to finish up myself.

The fascinating part of the whole experience is how everyone else seemed to be getting along just ok being naked, while I was like a dog let out in the steak restaurant! Indeed the experience has fed many a session in my mind since then.



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