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Nudist Family (Vacation 1)

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Finally I had time to write more....

Well after having a bunch of naked trials around our house we were all pretty comfortable being naked around each other. It was still a little awkward and stuff but overall we got pretty ok with it.

We finally took our vacation to the Caribbean after a few months. Our parents set up a nine day vacation at this family nudist resort. My bro and I were actually pretty nervous about being naked around a lot of other people and were wondering what it was going to be like to run into other kids around our age who might be naked.

We got to this place and checked in and there weren't any naked people in the lobby area. They said you had to wear clothes there. When they started walking us to our rooms was when we first started to see naked people. They were older men and women and some really young kids playing on the beach. I know I started to get nervous in my stomach. Our parents got two rooms so they they could have a place and me and my bro had our own room.

After we got to our rooms we had a talk with our parents and decided to at least keep our bathing suits on as we went out to the beach for the first time. We walked out to another main beach area and there were tons of naked people on the beach. Old people, young people, kids, fat people, everything. I know my bro and I were looking around to see if there were other kids our age. It was unreal. I couldn't believe how many totally naked people there were and how comfortable everyone seemed to be.

We found a spot on the beach and put our stuff down. My bro and I were looking around and we actually noticed a fair amount of kids that seemed to be around our age and yes, they were completely naked. Wow was that unreal. There werent a lot but there were enough young people to at least make it so me and my bro wouldnt be the only ones. We set out our junk and towels and stuff and before I knew it both my parents were taking off their suits and getting naked. My bro and I looked around and just decided to go for it too and took off our suits and laid down on our towels. Being naked and looking around was an amazing feeling. Seeing all these different people naked was a trip. There were plenty of good looking guys and I know my bro was like freaking out seeing all the different girls naked. We just laid around in the sun and relaxed and were checking people out. My bro actually had to cover up after a while cuz he started getting a hard on, and I know I was getting kind of wet too seeing all this stuff. My mom just kinda laughed and told my bro not to worry and that its normal at our age.

We decided to try out the water and so my bro and I walked down to the surf and started playing around. It was pretty freaky standing around naked in front of all these people, but at least they were all naked too. It wasn't long before some kids around our age came over. They were three kids from another family. A boy 14, a girl 16, and a girl 13. We started talking to them and they said it was like their third time to this place. Wow I couldn't believe we were all standing their naked talking to each other. We ended up playing some frisbee and hanging out playing in the water for a while. Their parents ended up coming over to talk to our parents. What a wild experience. I know I was getting turned on for sure. Seeing another guy my bros age naked was actually pretty hot. And I've never been like totally naked with another girl and so here I am walking around naked talking to her. After a while they all left and went back to their area on the beach and my bro and I sat around talking about the whole thing. It only took my bro like two mins before he told me he needed to go back to our room and jerk off. I was so turned on myself by then I said I needed to go too. We went back to our room and started masturbating and we both came in like a minute, we were so turned on by everything that just happened.

Being naked at this hotel and beach was so different than being naked at home. At home we just walked around the house or watched TV and stuff. Now we were actually running around most of the time naked and actually doing stuff. I mean you see people running, bending over, squatting, and so you see more. I mean we saw more of our parents than I ever wanted to see and I know they saw more of us. My mom would be laying on her beach blanket and you could see all her stuff and I know my bro was weirded out by it too, and we saw more of our dad like that too. It was weird for me cuz I know there were times when if my parents were looking they could see me bent over at times too picking something up or whatever. Weird.

I'll try to write more soon............has anyone else had similar experiences with their family?



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