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Growing up in a nudist family


Growing up my parents were very liberal and nudist. We often walked around the house and our country yard naked. My younger brother and I were accustomed to seeing the others sex naked and it was really no big deal to us. Our parents would take us on holiday to a resort where clothing was optional. As we developed we already knew much about the opposite sex and still got a little curious about our own development. We compared the development of our bodies. I got accustomed to seeing men and boys members erect and it did not really faze me at all. I had touched my brother several times to see how he felt in our quick explorations but it was more in a curious way. Or parents made sure that we understood how things worked and on our holiday most men were very polite not to be rude in public about there erections.

When I was 14 we were on holiday and celebrating my dads promotion, our parents decided to let us have a sip of some table wine. It was very good and sweet and in time my sips became more than a sip if you know what I mean. Our parents cut us off and then it was bed time. My brother and I shared a room and when we got in I decided to soak in the tub for a while.

I felt very relaxed. As I soaked my brother decided to join me in the tub which was normally no big deal.

We just soaked for a while making idle conversation but when he decided to get up and leave he had this huge erection and for some reason I could not take my eyes off it as he made his way out. It seemed bigger than I had seen him before and as the water dripped off it I could feel hot in between my legs. I just watched as he dried himself all over and then his hard member.

My hands were all over my love spot under the water. I did not say a word as he walked away and he did not even notice how I just stared at him. I quickly got out of the tub and tiptoed to the door. The door had a mirror on it and at the proper angle I could see him on the bed waist down, carefully pleasing himself as I continued to rub myself and had a mind blowing eruption luckily I was on my knees because I just collapsed.

I had seen my brother in this state many times and had what I thought were orgasms before but never like this, I could not get over how excited and wet I had become and wanted more .. luckily the tube was on and he did not hear my groans as I came. I felt so embarrassed being so excited by my brothers manhood.

I figured it must have been the wine. That night I woke up several times to look at my brother laying on his back to see if he was heard again and finally in the morning as the sun was coming up he had his morning hard on and I quietly just stared as I continued on pleasing myself. That wine freed my mind some how. After that I could have the most enjoyable orgasms any time I wanted.

The rest of our holiday was more enjoyable ......



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