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Nudism? Yeah, Right

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All the stuff in the news about exposure to sun causing a massive rise in skin cancer is everywhere. I mean no one can miss it, right? My mom and dad are naturists and it scares me. How dumb do you have to be with even some of their friends having been diagnosed with mellanoma and one of them even dying of it. Still, they are fixed on their little naturist club. They used to take me with them when I was younger, but I started to develop early and since I was around 11 they stopped making me go. Still, all I remember were all these naked people around and some of them looked pretty gross. I didn't understand what they saw in this downright dangerous activity.

Still, last weekend they said they were going to the club and as usual I said 'Off for another dose of cancer then!?' My mom said something in a tone I had never heard from her before. It was almost a half whisper but there was so much sadness in it. 'That's not why I go.' There was something in it that was, I don't know, a plea? a message to me? I really don't know but I felt real uneasy. I said, 'Well, it's been a few years, maybe I'll go with you today.' It sure got a reaction from mom. She asked me to help get ready and took me upstairs into my bedroom.

There, she said, 'Look, Alice. There is something you should know. I don't want you to come to the club.' This was a surprise and I pushed for a reason. Eventually, mom said 'Your dad can't... well.. he can't make love any more.' (He had a heart attack a couple of years ago and has other health issues. I still didn't get it. 'Alice, when we go to the club it isn't for the sun. I find it sexy to be naked and to be looked at by other men now and then and dad, although he can't join in, likes to watch.' I was totally stunned. She hadn't actually said that she got laid there, but there was no doubt in my head that this was about a whole lot more than just being seen naked. I had no idea that the sun club was anything BUT that. I still said I wanted to go and altough mom was uneasy, she couldn't really refuse.

So we got there and stripped off. I headed off for the pool and found myself a lounger. There were other people there and after about two hours, mom and dad slipped off. I guess I knew why and had no desire to know the details although in some way the thought of mom doing something sexy (I still hadn't quite got it into my head that she was probably going to get laid) was quite horny. If they were using the sun club for sex then, hey, it's a free world, right?

I lay there and after a while realised that I was definitely horny too. I looked around and saw, well, nothing. Just people hanging, enjoying the company. I was getting checked out, but then I was the youngest person there by a long way. There is a sauna and steam room and jacuzzi there and I thought I might try the jacuzzi trick if you know what I mean. So I went in and it didn't take long before I found a jet that was just right. I was facing the wall and getting into it when I noticed a couple go into the steam room. I left it a minute and followed.

When I got in there, they were full at it. She was standing facing the wall and he was, well, let's just say they weren't masturbating, and neither was he in her vagina. They both saw me, just smiled and carried on. I sat on a bench, spread my legs and unashamedly, and for the first time in my life, masturbated with other people there. It was the most erotic thing in my life. I have never had any form of sexual activity with anyone else yet. (Sad huh?) yet here I was watching a couple engaging in kinky sex in public and here I was exposing myself to them and enjoying them watch me masturbate as they had fun. I saw the exact moment he shot his cum in her and it coincided with my own orgasm.

Since then, I have joined the sun club and the national organisation it belongs to. It is a member of a national sun club organisation and all the literature says that sexual behaviour will not be tolerated, that it is all about sun worship, yadda yadda yadda.

Thing is, I have visited no less than 20 of these organisations and each and every club I have visited, (it's WAY easier for a single girl to get permission to visit another club than for a single guy.. work THAT out!) there has been loads of sexual activiy at every one of them. I don't hang out in the sun for long because I still think its plain stupid to just ask for skin cancer like that. But there are plenty of under cover places, plently of shade too. (Why would a sun club have so much shade?) You can do what you like. You can have full sex, you can masturbate, you can experiment with same sex fun, anything goes as long as everyone agrees.

For the moment, I have only masturbated (and been masturbated) although I have had full sex with other girls. I'm not ready to get laid yet, at least not on a casual basis. I have seen some really kinky things including teenage girls having fun, young boys, my favorite is when older men check me out. There is something about the desperation in there eyes. A 50 year old man is never again going to have a chance with an 18 year old girl and I feel sorry for some of them. I have masturbated much older men and I love it. One time, I jacked a guy off onto his own wife.

Don't let anyone who tells you naturism is all about getting in touch with nature. It's about getting in touch alright, and the most vocal defenders are the worst! I have had more fun in the last three months than ever before.



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