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Nudism Can Be Fun

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Ontarion Nudist Friends


Nudism is so much fun!

We have been a nudist family for years. Our parents started taking us when we were really young so being nude is totally comfortable.

However as I got into my teens and started to have girlfriends and of course enjoyed masturbation...visits to nudist resorts became much more interesting.

When I was 19 we were visiting a resort for the Labor Day weekend, with our Motorhome. I went to the indoor pool since it was a bit rainy and noticed these two hot girls about my age in the pool playing with an inflatable beach ball, tossing it back and forth so I joined in.

We were in the shallow end and I started to notice their bouncing boobs more and more ... they were attractive and had great smiles..and then I felt the need to masturbate...my penis was getting a bit hard.

As I got out of the pool and started to walk away the brunette called out hey where are you going? Join us in the hot tub!

I said okay and as I walked I could feel my penis engorging and it swayed...I know they saw it! I got in the hot tub and the water was up to my waist...my penis had calmed down and was soft again.

The girls came over sitting on the edge of the hot tub, their legs in the water, both had perky boobs, on the brunette they stuck straight out about 35B and had amazing tiny nipples, I could see her pussy was bare, totally shaved. The other girl also had a shaved pussy and her boobs were so small that she would not even need a bra but the nipples were hard and pointed.

They asked if I was new here and my first time...I stood up and went over introduced myself and shook their hands. They asked me if I was a Tennis player as they loved tennis, I said yes!

Then I sat on the edge of the tub facing them, and felt my cock growing...they asked why I was not shaved in my pubic area! My penis was semi hard and almost sticking straight out...I dropped to the water.

I said I had never thought to do it and they both spread their legs and said look at us it is so clean and smooth! It was more than I could take...I said wow you both look terrific...!

I was getting an erection and said look what you are doing to me and slipped out so they saw my rock hard penis fully swollen pointing straight up to my belly button!! They laughed!

Then quickly back into the water...where it was hidden by the bubbles then they asked me over to their trailer for lunch. Their parents were in town grocery shopping...little did I know they had a plan but I figured sex was involved.

I went with them and we wore towels as we ate..then the girls said they had an idea, how about they shave me!

I was shocked...I said okay my balls only. I was getting excited..OMG!

They sat me on a chair and both got on their knees with disposable razors, had me spread my legs. They asked me to move my parts, that is pull my balls up as they shave below and on each side...I said they should do that it is okay.

The brunette then giggled and said okay and as she moved my penis over it got real hard, they laughed and said it is way easier to shave you with a boner!

As they manipulated my pubic area they did so with fascination almost medical like, they kept holding my penis to the left, to the right and finally were done. I was moaning and pre cum was dripping and they laughed and said all done!!

My cock is a nice size quite thick, circumcised and long at 7 1/2 inches. Then the brunette said we want to see how far you can shoot cum and she started tugging my penis, masturbating me deliberate strokes...she had me stand up, as she stroked my penis the other pulled on my balls and she said tell us when and I gave warning and then about six spurts all over the floor some hit her friend on the shoulder and she said EWWWWWW!

Over the weekend we ended up masturbating each other and it was always with the two girls together..It was a weekend to remember!



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