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Nudism And The Cleaner

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Everyone's human


I'm in my mid-fifties, living alone at home for two years since my wife passed away, and finally decided to find a woman willing to come over and clean for me a couple of times a week.

My wife and I had enjoyed games involving nudism and exhibitionism at home particularly in the warmer months, so it seemed natural to continue that way. Several of my close friends know I enjoy being nude or semi-nude, that is, getting around in shirt (maybe even a sweater) and shoes but no pants. I like the feel of a cool breeze on my private parts while the rest of me is warm. The whole experience is a bit arousing, but never if there is any risk of being seen by kids, of course.

Anyway, out of all the women who answered my ad there were one or two I seemed to hit it off with better than the others. I particularly liked Josephine ("Call me Josie") who was fifty-ish, slightly plump and always cheerful and efficient, no matter how unpleasant the job. After two weeks, by which time we had got to know each other better, I learned she was a divorcee supporting a teenage daughter. I was too polite to ask about men friends, but as she never mentioned any, I guessed she had had enough of them for now.

I wanted Josie to see me naked but didn't know whether I should mention it to her. I worried a lot about it for some days, then at the end of the fortnight's trial felt it was only fair to disclose how I felt. I told her I was happy with the way she cleaned for me and would keep her on, only there was one thing I had to mention. I said I had been a nudist and would it bother her if she saw me nude while she was cleaning? Josie looked surprised for a moment, then replied "I guess not," adding with a grin "I've seen naked guys before. Long as you don't ask me for sex."

I was so relieved I almost cried. And she didn't even ask for extra money. She must have realized how much it meant to me when I thanked her. And nothing more was said that day.

I half-expected her never to turn up again, but the following week there she was when I got home from work, getting stuck into the vacuuming. As I changed out of my street clothes, I had a mad desire to expose myself to her, but chickened out. When I emerged, Josie looked at me and laughed "I thought you'd be giving me a show." Unable to hold back any longer, I returned to my room, took off everything except my shoes, pulled my cock until it was semi-erect, then returned to the lounge.

Josie switched the cleaner off and looked down at it rather than at me. "That's more like it," she smiled, then switched the machine on and kept working. "I'm so glad you don't mind," I replied.

I didn't want her to see me masturbating just yet, so busied myself elsewhere in the house, walking past her every now and then with a hard-on I could barely control. She appeared not to notice it, but I sensed she was interested. At the end of her session she asked had I done that with any other cleaners and I truthfully replied no, though I'm not sure if she believed me. I decided to give her an extra ten dollars a week and made it clear there were no strings attached. Josied simply said "Thank you".

Next week she was ten minutes late arriving and I told her I thought I'd scared her so much she wouldn't be back. Josie said something like "Well, it's not every day that I get a job like this - it made me think". But she didn't go into it any further and I let her get on with the job. This time I put on a warm top but still no pants, and didn't go out of my way to flaunt my erection - in fact, she saw more of my buttocks than my front.

I decided to invite her to have a coffee with me when she finished, and she accepted. Having a nude man sitting next to her didn't bother Josie, but she did ask me whether I had a regular girlfriend. I told her frankly that I didn't and also that I wasn't gay either. I asked her again how she felt about me exposing myself in her presence. She said she didn't mind and even thought it a compliment. I began masturbating at night thinking about her.

When Josie next arrived I greeted her at the door already naked and erect. She looked down with surprise. "Have you been getting ready to see me?" I had to admit it. "You naughty man," she scolded but didn't seem too offended.

Once she was inside, I noticed something different about her. Josie seemed to have put on more makeup than usual. She asked if she could use a bedroom to change as she wanted to scrub some floors. I let her into my bedroom and noticed the door was still ajar slightly. After a few minutes I returned quietly and could see her back in the bedroom mirror. All she had on was her bra and she was bending over with her legs apart, moving in a way that suggested she was masturbating with her fingers! Her panties were on the floor.

Naturally, this made me want to do it too. I spat on my hands and became fully erect, then pushed open the door. Josie turned around, shocked to find I had caught her. Then, seeing how turned on I was, she knelt down and pulled me to her, closing her lips around my cock while she rubbed her cunt furiously. I bent over and undid her bra.

It ended with her holding out her ample tits for me to ejaculate between them. After that we both collapsed on the floor together and there were no more secrets between us.

Six months down the track, Josie and I are having a wonderful life together. It was a little difficult for her daughter to accept me as a stepfather but as I have always been honest with her and never laid a hand on her, she has come to trust me and this is a wonderful thing too.



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