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Nude With Chelsea, Part One

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I spent almost two full days completely naked in front of my friend Chelsea, who was fully clothed.


I've been a reader of Solo Touch for almost 10 years, and I've finally decided to share some of my stories.

One of the best masturbation experiences I've had was with my friend Chelsea. She's a lesbian, but I consider her bi when the conditions are right.

To describe myself, I'm a late-twenties African-American male, 5'9', 190 lbs of mostly muscle from years of weight lifting. When Chelsea first met me, I was much smaller (150 lbs). I was on summer break from college and met her in a coffee shop. She was working in the coffee shop, and we kind of hit it off, she seemed really interested in my work to become a pilot. In the middle of the conversation, she bluntly asks 'How big is your dick?' I was floored... I had never met anyone who was so straight-forward. I was so caught off-guard that I couldn't even answer her question, but I got an idea... I asked her 'Wanna see the answer to your question?', to which she said 'Sure!'

We went to her car in the parking lot, and I was already erect from the anticipation. As she stared intently at my crotch, I pulled down my pants and boxers and out sprang my rock-hard 5 1/2' cock. Again, she asked 'How big is it?', and I told her. Chelsea told me that I should shave (and I have ever since), since it would make it look neater and bigger. She looked at it for several minutes, then I put it away and we went back inside to keep chatting.

A few days later, I saw her again. We drove to a private spot, and she showed me the 'Twins', her lovely 36Cs, and again my cock was pointing north. She didn't want to have sex, but I was so horny that I had to take care of myself. That was kind of the last time we hung out for a long time.

Even though we didn't really see each other, we stayed in contact through email. Over the next four years, we had many sexually charged conversations and I told her how I wanted to just hang out naked with her. She had never seen me completely naked, just my penis, and looked forward to it.

One day, the day finally came, since I was home for the holidays. I looked a lot different than I had when we last saw each other four years prior, I was at least 40 pounds heavier in muscle, and I had shaved my head (along with other parts of me). I drove to spend the night with Chelsea, and I wasn't inside her apartment for more than three minutes before she said 'Take your clothes off now, I want to see your dick!' With that, I was out of my clothes as though they were on fire.

Being naked in front of a clothed Chelsea was an extremely powerful experience. There was something about my vulnerability, knowing that she was examining each part of my anatomy, that just made me want to explode. I'll never forget how her eyes locked on my dick, and how she did not hide the fact that she was constantly staring at it. She also told me I had a really nice body and a great ass.

The conversation was mostly sexual and we talked a lot about my penis size... she was interested in how it felt to be black with a small penis, and I was curious about how I compared size-wise to her ex's. She said I was about two inches smaller than her last ex-bf and I was smaller than most of her male hook-ups, but that I was also thicker than average. At one point, she told me to make my dick hard again so that she could put her hand around it to gauge it's thickness. It's 5 1/4' around, and she was really impressed.

This was also the first time Chelsea saw my penis since I had started shaving down there, and she was quite pleased with the look.

The last straw was when she told me I had a 'striped dick'... she was sitting across from me and had been staring at the underside of my penis for so long that she was able to point out three different shades of tint on the shaft of my penis, which was something I had never paid attention to. Chelsea walked over and pointed to the base of my shaft, where it is darkest, the start of my circumcision, where it gets lighter, and then drew her finger over the top of my head, where my penis is the lightest color.

At that point, not only was I insanely horny but we only had a few more minutes before we had to go out for the evening, and there was no way I could go out in the condition I was in. I had to jack off, and she could tell, so she left me in privacy to take care of my business. From having been hard for so long, it did not take long before I shot my load all over my chest and stomach.

Part Two of the story takes place a few days later...



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