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Nude Sun Bathing and .......

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We went away for an extended weekend and this is part of what happened on the first day.


This past weekend we went away on a short road trip. We had rented a cottage by the water and had plans to visit some nearby attractions. When we checked in to the place they said our cottage had not been serviced yet and they checked into others that were done and ready for us. She said one just came open and then said we would love this cottage and said it was extremely romantic and we looked like a couple that could put it to good use.

When we got to the cottage we noticed it was separated from the others and had a different view of the water. It was like we were around the back side of the lake and all we could see was the water and surrounding woods for miles. Our back deck was bright as the afternoon sun shined down on it. We went out to get a better look at the place and that’s when I realized we could sun nude if we wanted. That’s how private it made me feel.

So we ditched our afternoon plans and decided to lay out and get some sun. She stripped down and put on her bikini while I lathered up with sun block. We headed out to the deck once we were all ready. The sun lounge chairs were pleasant to lay in as it almost felt like you were in your own personal safe hammock.

About 10 minutes into sunning ourselves she removes her top and says aloud “there, much better” I said nothing nor made a stink about her tanning topless. About 20 minutes later she asked if I could fetch her book so she could read for a bit. I went in and stripped down naked. I found her book and returned to the deck 100% naked, no chance of covering myself up now.

She laughed at first but said to be careful not to burn my bits too much. About 20 minutes later she told me I looked yummy laying there naked under the afternoon sun. I started to question her and the more she answered the hotter she became to me. I asked her to remove her bottom section and she said she would not do such a thing till she knew we were safe and not exposed to anyone on the water. I told her no one will see us and if a boat comes near we will hear the roar of the engine long before they see us.

She still would not do it, so I went over to her chair and straddled her. She asked me what I had plans to do to her. I said for starters we would remove her bikini bottoms and have some fun playing with each other. She dared me to try. When she didn’t fight me off I knew she was ready for whatever I wanted to do with her. I took off her bottoms and she laid there naked under my naked body. I started to get hard. She said she would play with mine if I played with hers. I told her I would do one better than that and I went down on her. The only problem was that put me in an awkward position with my ass in the air.

She told me it was not fair as she could not play with me in return. I agreed because of the awkward angle I was in and returned to her face and began kissing her while my right hand went into action playing with her pussy. She reached up with both hands and played with my cock. We masturbated each other for a bit. I suggested we try to lay flat on the deck. She said no she wanted to play some more and proceeded to grab me again. She felt my dick and said it felt nice in her hands and she would like me to cum on her belly for her. She began pumping my dick as I returned to fingering her wet pussy. We did not last long as she began thrusting her hips to the rhythm of my fingering. Her fist sped up as her own breathing increased. I told her I was close. She released my cock and then bumped my hands off her clit and asked me to finish and cum on her belly. She continued to finger herself like a mad lunatic which looked ever so sexy to me as I pumped a few more stokes and came on her tits and belly. She herself climaxed and I could see small jets of fluid leak out from between and around her fingers that were squeezing the daylights out of her lips.

We both looked at each other, satisfied and still horny for more. She pushed me off of her and stood up. Some of my cum landed at her feet on the deck. She said she would wash that off later. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the cottage. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs. She said she wanted more.

We ended up having sex at least 4 times a day while at the cottage. I stayed naked for most of the trip and have no tan lines. What a weekend that was!



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