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Nude Drive Home

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I just recently got my drivers licence, and my grandma n stepgrampa (I guess you'd call him, as he is my granny's second husband) went out of town to visit some friends and they left their car with us and said we could use it.

This one particular day, I had both choir practice and a soccer game after school. I pleaded with my mom everyday for like a week leading to that day to let me take granny's car. Typical mother she is, kept saying: 'No way'.

Well, that very morning over breakfast she says; 'Ok Vicki, I thought about it and if you are very cautious with it, you can take her car.' Well, I was excited (as this was like the third time I was gonna be driving a car without a parent with me. I hugged her and said I would be extremely careful and out the door I went. I drove to school and parked in the lot and all my pals were like; 'cool ride, girl'.

So, anyhow the school day ended and I went to the theatre for choir practice. After that ended I ran out to the car and drove over to my best pal Kate's, place. We quickly drove across the city to where our soccer game was. What a work out that was. By the end of it, as we only had like eight girls out, we all had to play double the amount of time we normally would have, we were all sweaty and exhausted. Coach had brought some fruit and juice for post-game snacks.

As Kate and I headed to the car we both commented on how we both felt a little horny. Kate figured it was the workout and sweating that caused it. Anyway, we hopped in and we headed for home. As I was driving along, I kept glancing over and saw Kate was ever so often playing with the crotch of her shorts. She did this a few more times and as we pulled up to a stop light, she said; 'oh god I can't take it any longer I just gotta finger myself'. As the light changed and I pulled away, I said; 'well if you gotta so bad, go ahead and do it now'.

She just looked over at me and said;'nah, I'll wait til I'm home'. So, we are driving along and she kept touching (which was making me hornier and touching myself) and I finally said; 'oh go on girl just do it. I am gonna'.

I pulled off the road onto a side street and stopped. I pushed off my shorts and panties and tossed them into the backseat. She had also done the same by then. We sat there for a bit touching and rubbing our pussies. The next thing I know Kate had pulled off her uniform top and sports bra. She sat there totally naked now and I saw how much she was enjoying it, I removed mine as well.

I started the engine and opened the windows and sunroof. I turned around in a driveway and headed back to the road and towards home again.

Oh my goodness the cool night air and the rush of being naked with other cars zooming past was so exciting. As we drove we continued to play and managed to cum twice each before getting home. I timed it so that when I came it was at a traffic light or stop sign!

WOW... that was fun!!

We turned off onto our street and about a block before our houses, I stopped and we hurridly got our clothes back on. I drove home and dropped Kate off at her house and pulled across the street into my driveway and the garage. I got out of the car reliving the fun drive home and had a smile on my face when I walked in the door.

As I headed to the fridge for a drink and then the bathroom for a shower, my mom looked up from her work and said; 'oh, I guess from the smile on your face you must have won tonight'.

LOL, if only she really knew! We did win though and I said; 'ya, 9-1' and hung up the keys.

What naughty girls we were, hehe!



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