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Nude Beach With Mom

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Not really FF, more me than anything


This started back in the late 90's. When I was younger I had heard stories about how my mother was kind of a free spirit, being very open with her nudity and going to nude beaches on a regular basis. I had wondered about this for a while because as far back as I could remember, I really didn't see it in her, so one day I just came out and asked her about it. She hit the highlights of her background, and after I asked her a couple more questions about the nude beaches, she came out and asked me 'why are you asking so much, are you wanting to go to one?' I just shrugged and said 'I dunno.' She then told me she could take a day off from work next week and we could go if I really wanted to. My heart was pounding and I gave her the OK. For the next few days all I could think about was that beach, I was nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. I had no problem with my mom seeing me naked, but being around strangers was a different story.

The morning we were going to go, she made sure I was still up for it, and I told her I was so we started to get ready. I shaved myself all over and triple checked to see if I looked right, got my sunscreen on and all of that and I thought I was ready. I went downstairs in a tank top and thin shorts, and before we left my mom asked me 'did you masturbate?' I was kind of surprised that she asked me that and I just said 'uh...no, why? Did you?' 'Yes, when you were in the bathroom. It helps you relax and so you wont get as excited when you're out there. Go on, I'll wait.' It felt a little weird going back upstairs when she knew I was going to masturbate. My whole teen life when I masturbated it was always in secret, but this time it was out in the open. I closed my door and stripped off what little I had on, laid down and started rubbing myself. I was already pretty wet just from that little talk, and about three minutes after I had a fantastic orgasm. She was right, and when I went back down I did feel calm, and actually almost sleepy. When we left she told me the beach she always went to was pretty far away, and it would be about an hour drive.

When we got there they had a little locker room area to lock our clothes in, and when I told her I was ready, we went out in nothing but our sandals and found a spot to lay out. It felt so amazing being in the sun completely naked, not just because of the nudity, but because other people were exactly the same and were walking around with no shame. We laid there for a little while looking at magazines, and even though I made myself cum before we left, I was getting wet again in a hurry. I told my mom I had to use the bathroom, and as soon as I locked myself in the stall I spread my legs and started rubbing. I was so wet the squishing sounds were actually pretty loud, but I didn't care. I braced my feet against the door and went at it, cumming violently and slapping my feet back down on the concrete. When I caught my breath I wiped off and went to wash my hands, and there was a woman who was around 50 getting undressed. She then asked me 'first time here, huh?' I could feel my face start to burn from blushing and I was unbelievably embarrassed. She then smiled and said 'don't worry, it happens all the time.' I smiled back at her and felt a little better when I walked out.

We must have laid there for a couple more hours when it started getting cloudy and was about to rain, so we had to leave. I was starting to get really comfy being naked and wasn't ready to get dressed, so I just carried my stuff back to the car and rode home wrapped in my towel and barefoot. We chatted about it the whole ride home and I told her how fun it was and that I would like to go back some time. I even told her how some lady heard me masturbating in the bathroom and she laughed, saying those stalls are probably more for masturbation than anything else. When we got home I just threw off my towel and stayed that way, wanting some more naked time and my mom was OK with that. I was still excited from everything that happened and I couldn't keep my hands off of my pussy all night. That day I probably masturbated 8-9 times because I was so horny.

After that day we went back to that beach a few more times, and eventually I started getting calmed down and didn't have to make myself cum constantly when we went. That first time, though, my vagina definitely got a workout.



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