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Nude Beach Cfnm Lifestyle (2)

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To contine from my last post my wife was quite excited about going to the nude beach today with the possibility of a few of us guys getting together for a circle jerk, I was quite excited too as any chance for a wank is always great and being able to do it out in the open with other people did excite me.

We got down the beach and I stripped off and went for a swim, I spoke to a few of the regulars when Greg, an older gentleman invited us up to the dunes in half an hour. We agreed and a half hour later went up, I was already hard as a rock and my wife said to me how excited she was and looked like I was looking forward to it too. We got up to the back of the dunes, a very secluded spot where everyone was, I was quite surprised how relaxed everyone was, about eight males all naked most supporting hard dicks and six wives, only one of the wives were naked the rest had swimmers on.

We were introduced around and felt relaxed immediately, I was relieved my dick was about the average size although Greg had a huge dick which I noticed my wife looking at regularly. We all knelt on our knees in a cirle, one of the wives got a tube of lube out and handed it to her hubby who passed it around, as we lubed up you could tell how excited the girls were, they sat behind or next to there partner looking at all the hard lubed up dicks, with that one lady said ok boys whack away and we all laughed, with that we all started whacking off.

The eight of us were all beating our dicks pretty hard, a loud whacking sound went around the circle, the girls were all looking around smiling and commenting at our balls bouncing around and was saying who they thought would spurt first, my wife was next to me and I could tell how much she was enjoying it, I could feel myself building to a explosion and knew it was gonna be huge.

At that moment a couple of the guys started moaning loudly as the girls all drew there attention to there dicks as one yelled out Bobs gonna spurt first, and then the most amazing sight occurred, Bob shot his load, ropes and ropes of cum flying into the air, this set us all off I felt my balls tighten and my cock spurted about six ropes of cum into the circle as the other guys also all moaned and shot there loads within a second of each other, ropes of cum was flying everywhere as we all whacked our cocks like crazy, milking our balls dry, this was met by massive cheers and claps and laughter by the girls.

I looked over at my wife as I tried to catch my breath and she had a huge smile ear to ear, the girls grabbed some towels and helped us all clean up. We all sat for a while and laughed and chatted. We all agreed to meet back the next day at the same time for another session, it's by far the best wank I've ever had and my wife loves it, she couldn't stop talking about it all night. We will now be regulars and I will post again when we have a new experience, for now we are gonna enjoy our circle jerk group, the girls love to watch and us guys love being able to wank out in the open with each other, it's awesome and I know we are trying to get more people to join us.



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