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Nude at Work

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I love jerking off at work


I absolutely love getting nude in public. I just love the thrill of subtly pulling my cock out of my pants and into the open. Getting naked at work is my favorite and passes the time so well. It's at the beach and I get so horny during an eight hour shift so I find ways to entertain myself. On a day that we filled up the parking lot I unzipped my pants and slipped my cock through, so it flopped around in full view. I'm not sure if anyone saw my cock for sure (tried to avoid eye contact) but I've been within 10 feet of other teens and moms with the tip of my erect cock and my shaft in plain view. But I mean who would complain if they saw a long cock hanging out of some teens shorts, swaying from side to side with each step.

I've also gotten completely naked in the bathroom, and then briskly walked into full public view on a busy day about 20 feet away from the nearest car in the parking lot. I never came harder after I was able to look down at my completely naked cock flapping in the breeze and then look up and see beach-goers just going about their business, not knowing that all they had to do was turn around and they would see a completely naked man playing with a hard cock.

I like to play a game where I make sure that no one will be coming down the road in the next 30 seconds or so. I take off my shoes, then my shirt, then finally I drop my pants, revealing a massive erection, I then walk around holding my clothes, completely exposed to anyone in the vicinity (there are beach houses overlooking my favorite jerk spot!) just feeling the warm breeze against my hard cock. I've gotten no complaints, but the things I do are so risky and sexy to me I can't help but bust all over the place when I recollect...

Still to this day, my best nude session occurred when I came into work at 7am to only two cars on the lot, the owners not to be seen. One of my morning tasks includes putting up the flags on a flagpole in the middle of a giant parking lot that is completely open. As I'm walking towards the flagpole I notice that there is no one around besides the two deserted cars (probably early morning fisherman on the beach). I decide it's the perfect time to get some fresh air on the ol' cock'n'balls. so, looking around carefully I undo my belt a few notches for easy access. I start by pulling my seven inch 19 year old cock over the waistline so that the top of my shorts are resting under my balls. Looking down at my long flacid cock just hanging over my pants got me so horny I had a full erection in a matter of seconds. Now this is where my fascination with public nudity gets dangerous.

I was so aroused that I had my cock out, my overly sexual side made me push my pants to my ankles right there in the middle of the lot! I looked around carefully. I could be caught numerous ways... a carload of patrons could arrive from the right of me, hopefully giving some unsuspecting girls an eyeful of young cock. Someone could also enter the parking lot from the beach, which by the time I see them they would already have seen my massive throbbing cock. Or any number of beach homeowners could wake up in the morning only to look out their window and see a naked 'ranger' putting up flags. But still no one around...

It felt so good to just have my pants at my ankles with my cock straight out in front of me for anyone to see while I hoist the flags.

Now pay attention... once I finished with the flags, I still saw no one around, so I quickly pulled my shirt over my head, took my pants off completely and walked briskly to the beach which from the center of the lot is about 200 meters. I had to be stealthy and quick since I was sure that there was no one in the lot, but there could be someone waiting just over the dunes not expecting a fully erect teen running at them. Once over the dunes, I had a clear view of the beach. There was one fisherman a good way down and some sailboats not far from shore. The fisherman was close enough for me to tell he was a man, but far enough I could not tell what he was wearing. So, shorts and shirt in hand, I made my way to the opposite side of the lifeguard chair, so as to not be seen for too long, although this made me so hot that someone could technically see my cock. Upon arrival, I dropped my clothes into the sand and grabbed my throbbing cock. I jerked off quickly for a good two minutes before one of the lifeguards came into my imagination. A stunningly hot girl named Jane who had perfect tits and an ass to die for and that I have been flirting with consistently since I met her. I found it so hot jerking it right next to her chair because she would be into work and be right where I'm standing in less than an hour. I was feeling pretty dangerous and was close to cumming so I climbed into the chair, spread my legs, and went to town stroking my cock long and slow while playing with my balls.

Before I knew it my toes were curling and my breath shortened as I let out a massive load of cum all over myself and the chair. I sat there for a while as my cock became flacid again so I could enjoy the last minutes of breeze on my bare balls. I wiped the cum off myself and rubbed it into Janes chair right where she would be sitting. I then proceeded to get changed, leaving my soft cock out of my fly, swinging around as I walked back to the parking lot. Later on that day when Jane came in I got so horny again just seeing her perfect ass sitting on my probably still wet cum. Maybe I should just take my cock out professionally, because that's seriously all I want to do...



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