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Now It's Your Turn

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Yes, 22 now but this happened when I was 13. My boyfriend Kyle and I were out of school for the summer. Kyle was over at my house even though my mom had told me not to have him over when she wasn't home. You know how kids are! Kyle was in my room sitting on a chair. I had to go to the restroom and while in there I got the idea to have a little fun. So, I removed my panties.

I was wearing a short skirt that day and went back into my bedroom and sat on my bed facing Kyle. I then slowly spread my legs open a little. I sat talking to Kyle and I kept glancing at him wanting to see his expression when he saw it. I didn't have to wait long. I saw his eyes open real wide and his mouth open. I just acted like nothing was wrong. I kept glancing at Kyle enjoying the look on his face.

I then really wanted to give him a view by leaning back on my bed reaching for a book. I really wasn't after the book at all. Just wanted to lay back spreading my legs even wider toward Kyle's gazing eyes. I came bqck up with the book and looked at Kyle. He was now squirming in his chair. I asked Kyle 'what's wrong'? Kyle answered 'nothing'. I went to talking about the book I got and all the while Kyle kept looking at me and then back down up my skirt. I again asked him 'what's wrong'? He again said 'nothing'. I then asked him 'then, what do you keep looking at'? Kyle then finally looked at my eyes and just pointed. I asked 'what'? Kyle then said 'you don't have on any panties and I can see it'. I answered 'you can'! I then picked up the front of my skirt leaning over to see and giving Kyle another real good view of it. I then said 'oops, guess I forgot to put my panties on'.

Then I told Kyle 'you got to see me. Now it's your turn'. kyle said 'you mean it'? I said 'yes'. He stood and pulled his shorts down to his knees and now it was my turn to be all bug eyed with my mouth hanging open. It was big and stiff sticking straight up! Kyle then put his hand around it moving it and asked 'want to see it cum'? I asked him 'what do you mean'? He just said 'watch and I'll show you'. He then went to what I now know as jacking off. In a little bit Kyle said 'watch. I'm about to cum' and he shut his eyes real tight and let out some sounds as he started squirting this white stuff from his penis. Several squirts came out and landed on the floor in front of me. Kyle then said 'did you like it'? I answered 'that was neat'.

Well, we wiped off and wiped up the cum from the floor. I sure didn't want mom finding it for I was sure she'd know what it was. Soon after, Kyle went back home so he wouldn't be there when mom got home. Of course, the next day on Kyle and I would entertain each other this way and got to where he'd do me and I'd do him. There were times that Kyle would put the head of his penis up to my pussy lips but not touching, and he would say 'oh I wish I could stick it in you'. But, we knew better. But, he sure got to where his fingers would sure feel good in there.



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