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Now I Would

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That was then, this is now.


Having downloaded Jack's story about seeing his Aunt Kate's furry auburn bush when she sat on the park bench with one foot up, I'm reminded of a time over 40 years ago when my wife and I had been married only about five years and a female friend of my wife stayed with us several weeks. I was in grad school and my wife worked nights. It was late one night when our daughter had gone to sleep and her friend and I sat talking, facing each other on opposite ends of the divan. I don't remember how long she had been sitting with her legs crossed, but when I noticed her crotch standing out boldly, I think it made a difference in my manhood.

Back then, I was a careful young husband and not wanting to betray my wife. Furthermore, I was afraid that if my wife's friend gave any hint to my wife of my not being courteous, I'd get 'what for' from my wife, which I did not want. Nor did I want the precious scenery of her crotch to change. So I did not make a big show of enjoying the scenery. I have no remembrance of how long she sat there nor how long we talked, but I'm sure I was in my sleep shorts and that my erection would have been evident IF I would have had the nerve to let her see it. Being scared though of being found out by my wife, I was the gentleman that my wife expected of me and did not oogle her friend's crotch. If she wanted to make me aroused, she made no overt action to let me know other than sitting there with her legs crossed. If she was aroused, she did not display her sexcitement. And, yet, I don't know how she could have sat there with her legs crossed and not know that her crotch was visible to me. Oh, to relive such a scene again with someone who just might get turned on more than my wife does. When my wife happens to sit with her legs open either bare or with panties on, I don't dare say anything nor look intently because she quickly closes her legs.

Now I would. What's more I would smile and look intently so as to be sure the other female noticed my eyes look longingly at her crotch and make sure she noticed as I adjusted my pleasure pole in my shorts. I've certainly come along ways in being more liberal and have come a long way in my assertiveness. Why I'd even straighten 'him' out inside my shorts and press the fabric down around 'him' so she could see my full size. My love wand is so big that when he's full and his head is lilac colored and shiny, I'd like to show 'him' to the whole world! I'm not aggressive, but I've learned to be assertive enough to stand up for my rights and for my wants. Now I'd want to oogle her crotch long enough to be able to see a large wet spot appear due to her sexcitement. Back then, I didn't know anything about a female's arousal causing wetness as my wife and I only found out a few years before that a female is able to experience as intensely pleasurable feelings as a male can. After we had been married about a year, we read a book which told that females can experience orgasm also. It's sad that nurses back then learned the names of female anatomy but were not versed in what their clits are for.

Anyway, back to the present, I still would not violate another female's body by entering her body with my love wand, but I'd be apt to want to not only see her crotch until a wet spot would appear and I know I would want to stroke my hands on her smooth thighs. My wife of nearly 48 years has not wanted intercourse since before our 40th anniversary. I don't play the field, but if such a chance presented itself again now, I'd be more apt to make the most of it, maybe even to the extent of making my love wand fall out of my shorts and suggesting that she could remove her panties so I could see her beautiful scenery.

Oh, well, so much for bygones and so much for human desire. Such a rare occasion may never happen again. Overnight family, yes, but a single adult female overnight when my wife is away, not likely. However, I can always hope. And I can always dream. I've read that dreams result in reality, like thoughts lead to actions and lust may result in adultery. Sigh. Thanks, Jack, for helping me remember those tight panties that pulled so tight over my wife's friend's crotch that her cunt lips did not allow her slit to be noticed. I'd love to slide the palms of my hands along her smooth thighs as much as I enjoy sliding the palms of my hands all over my wife's naked body-when she lets me. She's just not one for sex any more, some skin time on some rare Saturday mornings, but that's about all. Keep writing, males and females, about times together. I'll read and enjoy! Whether siblings or not, I most enjoy reading about slightly older teenage females bringing along boys and older females bringing along younger men for a ride! THANKS!



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