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Now I Know

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My first discovery of the pleasures of masturbation with the help of my best friend.


Because my religious parents brought me up believing that all things sexual are a big no-no I missed out on a lot of things. I first started developing breasts when I was about 11 and I was horrified to discover one day that when I touched and rubbed my vagina that it felt really good and that I'd start to ooze a wet substance. Sometimes I'd lie awake at night thinking about boys, wondering what they looked like with no clothes on and touching myself and I'd have to stuff my mouth into the pillow to stop my moans waking up my younger sister. After a while I gave up rubbing myself because I ended up feeling so guilty.

My parents got me into an all-girl religious High School to keep me away from boys and the temptations they represented to us young girls. That worked for a few years until one day when I was 16 I noticed how much I liked looking around and enjoyed seeing my naked classmates when we were having showers after gym class. We would often play around as a group, spraying each other with water, throwing sponges and stuff like that. I would go home after school and find myself thinking about so-and so's bouncy breasts or the area between her legs and I would have to lock myself in the bathroom and rub my own genitals to the point where I would have to stifle my moaning and grunting with a towel.

This went on for about a year and I can remember feeling so guilty that at times I'd cry myself to sleep. Then my best friend Julie, who went to the same church and school as me began to ask me if something was wrong. For a while I fobbed her off with things then, one day we were in her bedroom working on some science homework on her computer. Her parents were out of town and a woman neighbour was asked to look in occasionally. We planned to spend the day together. It was hot and we had both taken off our tops to cool down, so that we were just wearing our bras.

Suddenly Julie smiled at me and said 'Do you want me to share a secret?' I smiled back and asked 'What sort of secret?' For an answer Julie opened up some files on her computer by tapping in some passwords. 'My parents are always trying to sneak into my computer,' she said 'but I know how to keep these hidden well away.' Then some really explicit pictures of a woman's naked vagina came up on the screen. The ones that really caught my attention were close-ups of her fingers massaging her wide open vagina. I found myself staring at the screen and getting really hot and -uh-oh- aroused. 'Do you like what you're seeing?' murmured Julie. She was sitting up close and I felt her hand touching-stroking my thigh.

I burst into tears and Julie hugged me. After a while I found myself telling her about what I was feeling about other girls and how I sometimes have to masturbate to relief myself. Julie told me it was nothing to be ashamed of and that she did it all the time-the photographs on the computer were of her and had been taken by her boyfriend. I was amazed because her boyfriend was the son of our pastor and I thought he was so strictly upright. When I said so Julie laughed and told me he was also great lying horizontal in bed. Then she hugged me again and said she also liked me a lot as well. Then she kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth. It felt so good I gasped then kissed her back the same way.

We kissed some more then Julie took off her bra and unclipped mine. We moved over to her bed and lay down facing each other. She invited me to kiss her breasts which are bigger and rounder than mine, and told me how much she liked to have her nipples sucked and her aureoles licked around. After a while she started to moan, then she stopped me and did the same to my breasts-as she did she got me to start rubbing her genitals through her panties. She felt really wet and hot. Then her fingers and hand started rubbing my pussy. It wasn't long before we were both moaning and gasping. Finally we stripped off our panties and lay kissing. Julie pushed her fingers into me and said something about wanting to find my g-spot. I nearly screamed when her fingertips found what she was looking for, and I squirted hot liquid all over the covers and Julie's legs. She laughed again and congratulated me on my first real coming. Then she sat at the side of the bed with her legs wide open and got me to explore her genitals and groin area for as long as I wanted and, as long as I was gentle I could look for her g-spot as well.

Julie has taught me so much about enjoying my sexuality and how to enjoy myself going solo as well as with her or my new boyfriend. My boyfriend has initiated me into the pleasure of boy-girl masturbation as well.



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