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Not You!

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I still don't believe this has been happening


I have always had a very high sex drive. I do not recall when I first 'discovered' masturbation, but I know that I always enjoyed playing with myself. I do remember that I was in my first year of little league baseball (that makes me 9 at the time) the first time I had an orgasm, dry of course.

Starting in sixth grade I was pumping the cum and beating the meat at least twice a day. By high school I was into it even more!

I've been fortunate that my wife had a pretty good sex drive too and for many years we were very active sexually. Even through all that, I would usually jack off once or twice a day, in addition to our own sexual activities.

My wife recently hit menopause and her sexual desire has diminished considerably. She can be very satisfied with once a week, while I still need to cum two to three times a day. Obviously I am quite frustrated with the situation.

I have looked around for some ways to find another sexual outlet, even trying a few guys at a local porn book store but those didn't get me excited.

I decided to try a posting on Craigslist and see what may happen. 'MWM, 55, very good physical shape seeks female for mutual masturbation.' I posted it in the Casual Encounters section and hoped for the best. I would repost every few days as I was not having any luck. Finally one day my email had a response! My dick was instantly rock hard before I opened the email. The writer said she was in her mid 30's and that her husband often travelled out of town and was gone for up to three weeks, leaving her unsatisfied. Solo sex was not doing it for her but she did not want to enter into an affair. We exchanged a few emails, some of them very torrid and making me jack a good load while reading them. Finally she decided that we could meet and watch one another masturbate. It was perfect! Her home was about halfway between my school (I'm a teacher) and my home. We set up a day and afternoon. She gave me her phone number and asked that I call when I was about 5 minutes away, but didin't give me her exact address.

The day came. I refrained from beating my meat that morning and during my prep period at school so I would have a good load for her. As instructed I called her a few minutes from her home and she gave me the final directions to her home.

I pulled up in front of a well kept home with a nice car in the driveway. I must admit I was shaking a bit when I walked up to the door and knocked.

The door opened and I heard. 'Oh my God, NOT YOU!'

Standing before me in a pair of nice sexy shorts and a T shirt was another member of my faculty! We have known each other for three years since she transferred to my middle school.

I was dumbfounded. We both just stood there for what seemed like hours staring at one another and then I began to laugh. This woman is lovely, about 5'6' with long brown hair, green eyes, a bit overweight but with the most gorgeous round tits. I always loved the cold days as her nipples seemed to always stand out. She has been the fantasy of a few of my masturbation sessions, even those that took place at the school.

Finally she asked me in and we were both shocked to see one another as we both have a 'proper' sort of demeanor at work, and neither of us has made any sort of advance or suggestion to the other.

She got me a cup of coffee and we talked for a while. I was sure that nothing was going to happen between us. Our talk got around to what made me post and her to search Craigs List.

Finally she asked, 'Well, do you want to go through with it?' My cock immediatly sprang back to attention and I responded that we may as well. She led me to her family room and suggested we should watch a movie to get us in the mood. She had a DVD all cued up and soon we were watching a couple sucking and fucking in several different positions. Suddenly she said, 'Let's do it.' Her hand went into her shorts and she began fingering herself. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began to jack slowly. Her face brightened up when my cock came out. I'm not huge, just an average 6.5 inch circumsixed cock with perhaps a little better then average girth.

'I want to see more, pull your pants down,' she said.

'Pull those shorts off then, I replied.'

In an instant she had her shorts off and was not wearing any underwear. Her bush was very tightly trimmed. I stood up, and unbuckeled my pants letting them and my boxers drop to the floor.

We both began to really go at ourselves while watching the other. Soon I could see her closing her eyes more and for longer periods of time. I was getting close.

She was letting out little moans but then gave way the a big 'awwwwwwwrrrgghhhhgih' and I knew she was coming. I stopped and watched as she rubbed her clit harder and faster. When her orgasm subsided I was close and I told her I was going to cum.

'Give me a good view' is what she said. Now at my age the cum doesn't usually shoot like it did when I was a teenager, only a few inches (it still feels just as good!) sometimes even just dribbling out my cock. Today was different. I exploded and shot the first of three good ropes of cum. Most of it landed on my thigh, some on her couch.

It was a great cum! the quantity was huge. I was a bit concerned for the spot on her couch, but she told me not to mind. 'Look at this old thing. Jeff and I have sex in her often and when I really look, I noticed several 'spots' on the fabric. LOL

She handed me a towel to clean up and soon I was ready to leave.

'Lets do this agin' she said as I was at her front door.

'I'm up for that!' I repled.

'I can see that' she said as she glanced at my half hard crotch.

I was hard the rest of my drive home. That night my wife got a very good fucking!

We got together three more times before school was out and are planning to have a few get-togethers this summer.

While we have not had intercourse or oral, the last time we got together we did 'help' each other. Let me tell you she gets so wonderfully wet! Tasting my fingers after she cums was dessert! The soft but firm feel of her hand on my cock was devine!

Wonder what the students at our school would think?



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