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Not What I Expected

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Loneliness and horniness lead to a new and first-time experience.


My wife and I divorced, so at 40 I was trying to start over. Funny thing, I wasn't sure I wanted to. Relationships were not easy and rejection not fun, so why bother? Constant hardons reminded me why I needed to try!
Of course, dating had changed over the 20 years I had been married, so too had health concerns so I mostly wound up taking care of my own needs. Through creative ingenuity -- and websites like this -- I've been able to try new techniques to alleviate the boredom of jacking off in the same old ways. Still, masturbation can be a lonely experience -- unless you have some help!
As a cable installer, I am in people's homes everyday; all kinds of homes, all kinds of people. My brother likes hearing some of the stranger and kinkier stories since, as he says, I 'must have seen it all.' This is one story I probably won't tell him.
It was a routine installation where the husband lost the flip of the coin and had to wait home while his wife went off to work and had her normal routine. Like most men, I'm sure he hated hanging around the house -- but, like most men, I learned he had found ways to amuse himself.
He was talking on the phone when I arrived (presumably with his office by the content of his conversation) so he pointed me toward the living room where one installation was to occur while he finished up the call. When I entered room, the large-screen TV was alive with a sex scene involving 2 men and a woman; he had apparently been enjoying a porn video and hadn't turned it off when the phone rang.
I smiled. I enjoy porn myself and found myself interested in watching the action which I myself hadn't been getting!
He returned and got all flustered seeing the video was still on. I said I didn't mind and that, in fact, I was enjoying it. Since it was late afternoon, he asked I wanted a cold drink. As this was my last call, I said yes. He got us each a drink, then sat to watch the video which, I'd thought he'd turn off. He said he needed to watch it before his wife got home since she didn't like him watching porn. I totally understood since when I was married my wife was the same way. He perked up saying that I must be enjoying myself being single again, but I said it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He drew my attention to the TV screen where this blonde was getting pumped from both ends by these two guys with manicured and extremely big dicks (as you'd expect in porn!). It was hot.
As he sat with legs spread, he began rubbing his crotch seemingly to minimize a growing erection from my view. I was getting hard myself which, perhaps, he noticed. He continued to comment about the action and what he'd like to be doing to her and squeezing his now tented pants. I've watched porn with buddies before, but this was a stranger and it was getting weird, so I said I should get to work.
He showed me to the bedroom where another TV was to be hooked up to cable, then went back to the living room. When I had finished and returned to the living room he was sitting on the couch with his pants around his ankles masturbating.
Now it was my turn to get flustered. He jumped at the surprise of being caught, but made no attempt to stop. He asked if I wanted to join him since, he too, was bored of the same old jack off to a video as I had earlier said I was.
Truth be told, I had never jacked off with another guy as many stories I've read indicate happened in high school and college. Other than in a video, I've never seen another guy play with himself. It was kind of mesmerizing seeing it from that vantage point. I was curious if, like me, he played with his balls and ass when masturbating.
I sat alongside of him and watched his show more than the video playing on the TV screen. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my own hard cock; he, too, seemed interested in how I handled myself and watched me intently. I pinched my nipples and he gasped. We alternated between watching the video and each other until he reached over and began stroking my cock. I was paralyzed with fear and shock. Other than a doctor, no man had ever touched me there. But, loneliness and horniness won out -- it wasn't my hand and it felt damn good. I let him masturbate me to orgasm. I wasn't interested in reciprocating; he didn't seem to mind; he finished himself off and got us towels to clean up.
He brought another drink while I worked on the TV in the living and talked turned to sports and cars as if nothing unusual happened. From the stories I've read, maybe nothing unusual did happen! But it was new for me and I'm not sure what to make of it.



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