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Not so Self-Sufficient!

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Totally out of character for us both but incredible, all the same.


I live in the heart of Hampshire, a largely-rural county in southern England. My mother lives nearby in Dorset and lives alone in a detached cottage about five minutes' walk from the nearest town. She's self employed and retails a line of hand-made clothing; because of this, she's got a lot of spare time and one of her hobbies (as she is all about self-sufficiency) involves growing her own vegetables in the large grounds that came with the cottage freehold.

On Sunday I climbed into my car and hit the A303 westbound to visit for Sunday lunch and catch up (I much prefer catching-up in person than over the phone). I got there at about 12.30 and the sun was beating that familiar, midsummer rhythm of heat, humidity and exasperation upon us in the garden. The air was tinged with the scent of roasting potatoes and chicken and we exchanged news and gossip over a couple of real ales. We ate at around 3.00 and the air was as hot as ever; in fact, the intensity was perhaps too much. Dinner was delicious and we were both feeling rather content, if a little tired, and decided to take our post-lunch chatter to the shaded area beneath the trees at the end of her garden. The trees lined the side of a small river and thus the air was that little bit cooler; regardless, it was still very, very humid and drops of perspiration continued to roll off our faces.

It all got a little too much for mother and she caught me by surprise and jumped into the little river, puncturing the glassy surface as she broke through. The water was only about four or five feet deep and judging by her reaction, was surprisingly warm. I laughed, subconsciously finding myself observing how her flowery dress (think: strappy, extending halfway down her trim thighs) was now hugging her slim, tanned 44-year-old figure and the way it clung to her pert, probably 32C breasts. Given that it was a very hot afternoon as well, I began to feel a little stirring in my loins and that familiar flush of warmth to my cheeks.

Luckily, I didn't think mother noticed the development of a semi beneath my board shorts (I tend to wear surf-style clothes outside of work) as she splashed me with water, laughing in betrayal of her years as if we were children at the beach. "Get in, you sissy!" she demanded, smirking. I promised I would soon; to be honest though, the water did not tempt me. However after a few minutes of subtle persuasion I think she tired of my excuses; she grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards the river from the bank. As you'd expect, I slipped in feet-and-arse first and plunged beneath the water, struggling to breathe through shock once I managed to regain my footing in the river.

Unexpectedly though, I took mother out as I slipped and she fell back against me, leaning into me and pressing me into the bank. Which was the moment we both realised I now had an unwelcome erection, now firmly pressing against her buttocks beneath the rippling surface. For a minute or two, which felt closer to thirty if I'm honest, we just stood there in silence. My heart beat faster and faster and mother remained still, before quickly slapping a fly from her forearm. Then I felt her feet shift alongside mine as she seemed to adopt a comfier position, parting her legs slightly and, I assumed, moving forward so my six inches no longer attempted to stab a hole in her behind.

Then, however, I saw her right arm slip further behind her and before my mind had caught up with my eyes, felt her right hand very, very tenderly brush my erection through my now-sodden shorts underwater. I gasped and instinctively pushed forwards a little towards her hand. I literally had no idea how to react; I was paralysed with shock yet felt oddly content, like nothing was awry.

After a few moments, mother leant back a little, smiling sweetly, and reached her head towards mine, softly kissing my neck. "Relax Jimmy," she softly reassured me, "this hot weather is awfully frustrating. It'll do us good to cool off." I wasn't sure what she was getting at but her continued attention to my swollen member ensured I felt a new, slightly perverse sexual desire in the presence of my mother. I put my right hand on her right shoulder and eased her back against me; then gently cupped her left breast through her saturated dress and bra with my left hand, tenderly fondling her and exploring for the nipples I'd not even thought about for a good 22 years.

"Mmm, that's lovely. You not feel a bit weird, Jimmy? Or do you feel overwhelmed with this relaxing, contented need to just let off steam that I do?" she enquired, as I found her nipple and softly kneaded it between my thumb and forefinger. I told her it felt really tender and arousing and that, frankly, I hadn't got any for a few months (since I left a girlfriend as she embarked on a round-the-world adventure) so welcomed the attention. She took that as a cue for further exploration and slid her right hand up to the waistband of my board shorts, into my boxers and downwards towards my balls. She cupped them, delicately fondled them before ever so slowly working her fingers up and down my shaft towards the head of my member. She them firmed up her grip and began squeezing me, sliding her hand expertly up and down and bringing my closer to an unprecedented, underwater orgasm with every stroke.

I began to breathe in shorter and more rapid breaths and began to find myself almost thrusting towards her hand. Moments later, as I began to feel the first signs of movement within my balls, I noticed her left hand had lifted her skirt up to her waist and she was softly rubbing inside her knickers. Well, this was suddenly too much for me and I grunted and shifted my balance as I felt that orgasm begin to unfold. I came like I hadn't before; a mix of her expert handiwork, the cooling sensation of river water on my swollen penis plus the knowledge that my own mother was masturbating in front of me. She followed soon after, giving me a quick peck on the cheek as I spurted my final droplets of cum.

We moved positions and both lay against the river bank, panting, as we regained our breath and contemplated what had just happened. She smiled and giggled, again like a woman full of innocence and naivety. We made small talk and surprisingly felt no awkwardness. Mother suggested, about ten minutes after our orgasms, that we ought to sort ourselves out seeing as we were sat in wet clothes and a little muddy. She undressed first and I found myself openly taking in the sight that was my own mother, naked, dripping sweat and river water on the lawn before me. She looked in good shape for a middle-aged lady and I noticed she trimmed her pubic hair. I was beginning to feel a little guilty for checking her out when she adopted a filthy look on her face, reached for the hose and squirted me with the coldest water I've ever felt! "Get those filthy clothes off, you dirty little boy" she shouted at me, adopting the same voice she had when we lived as a family a decade before.

I stripped instantly, begging her to point the hose elsewhere. We laughed, then laughed some more. It was a bizarre situation, standing naked before my nude mother discussing how great our mutual masturbation had been, but we both grinned like a courting young couple. I felt so content. We agreed to remain naked for the rest of the early evening as it was still thoroughly hot and close, so elected to spend the next half hour clearing the table and washing up in the buff.

Obviously, being a young adolescent male watching a nude lady in good shape, I once again developed an erection as we finished the dishes and I followed mother from the kitchen to the garden. She asked if I wanted dessert or a glass of wine and as she turned around and spotted my rising manhood remarked that she knew what she wanted. My heart skipped a beat. I had assumed she saw the riverside excitement as a one-off and wasn't prepared for encountering any further sexual interaction. Apparently, I grew even firmer on hearing that remark as I was suddenly very aware of our respective nudity and arousal! Whilst by no means 'hot' or 'passionate', she approached me and kissed me on the lips and told me she really did love me; that I was a wonderful son and had grown into a fine specimen of a man. I was embarrassed yet flattered and complimented her hair, her figure and, most importantly, her cooking! We embraced and I grew even more aroused as her breasts pressed into my lightly-tanned chest.

Over the following couple of hours, we spent our quality time together divided between the garden and the lounge. She gave me a fantastic orgasm straddling me on the sun lounger, my penis between her thighs, as she gently rocked back and forth whilst I softly fondled her swinging breasts. I crossed that line of taboo myself on the couch, spooning her from behind in front of 'Coronation Street', my fingers gently slipping back and forth in her moist slit, flicking ever so gently against her clit in between gently thrusting two fingers within her tight vagina.

Our final act of incestual intimacy involved acts I cannot describe in much detail here; we did not (and did not plan to) have sex but we made use of each other's mouths in wonderful ways. In all, it was an incredibly erotic, sensual and highly-charged evening together and whilst we were both aware of the illegality of our passion, agreed that it felt incredible and merely added to our love.

I phoned my office answer machine and told work I wouldn't be in until late on Monday, mother asking if I wanted to spend the night at hers. I did, and we shared her double bed that night (in the nude, obviously). We fell asleep at opposite sides of the bed relatively quickly, but on noticing my morning wood mother decided to draw me close at sunrise. She needed a little persuasion (she never did like early mornings) but again, she straddled my penis (it harmlessly wedged between her thighs, pointing past her pubis and beyond her firm buttocks) and humped me to orgasm.

I covered her back and legs with semen so she suggested I repay the favour in the bath. I'm not sure how it happened but she knelt before me on all fours and I fingered her 'doggy style' to a very noisy orgasm in which her thrashing seemed to half-empty the bath! I left for work after a spot of brunch with a smile on my face and a parting kiss on the lips. I'll visit again next weekend. The forecast is hot and sunny!



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