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Not so Secret Exhibitionist

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I am divorced living alone in a condo, and have a maid that cleans once a week. She had cleaned for me and my ex but now she gets twice the business. Even though I'm in my 40's, being divorced has allowed me to be alone regularly for the first time in my adult life. It is working out very well because I can watch porn and masturbate without constraints, as much as a like, every day at least once and most days more. I have hours-long sessions on my days off.

I've always been somewhat of a secret exhibitionist. By that I mean I never publicly acted out my exhibitionism because I didn't want the consequences of being caught. But as child and teenager I would allow myself to be discovered naked or masturbating. I liked walking to my room after a bath with as little cover as possible, typically with an erection or semi-erection, so my sister could get glimpses. And sometimes I would use some of the lotion that was always on the bathroom counter to ejaculate into the bathroom sink, with the door ambiguously slightly ajar-or while lying on my bed with the door just cracked so one could see in if paying attention. On the few occasions my sister would wander into the bathroom she would quickly withdraw when she saw I was naked. Or if I was in the bedroom she might walk by but I couldn't tell if she saw me. I rarely knew if she actually saw my penis or realized I was masturbating, but it made for an exciting way to act out my exhibitionism.

One of my sister's chores was to change the bed linens, so I would also ejaculate onto the sheets as much as possible to make big cum stains. Sometimes I would leave a wet spot just before I knew she would strip the bed. She had to have seen this but never said anything.

From the start of my masturbatory habits I was discreet but always looking for these 'safe' opportunities to be found out. But the first time anyone caught me in full masturbation was a complete surprise to me and my visiting aunt who apparently didn't know the house rule of never opening a bedroom door without knocking. She came into my room while blurting out 'coming in' only to discover me rubbing my full erection. The thrill of it made me shoot off with an audible grunt. She said 'sorry' and ducked out with nothing more said.

So, back to the present, with the maid, who was not much older then me, very nice with a sweet face and big round butt, I began to think about the exhibitionism possibilities. I'm at work when she comes, and I had thought about taking a day off and conveniently 'forgetting' she was coming and let her catch me. But I couldn't work up the nerve.

So I decided to let her catch me indirectly like when I was young. I got black satiny sheets, and began ejaculating on them at every opportunity. The semen stains were obvious, and my loads seemed to be more copious from the sheer excitement of what I was doing. I did this as often as I could when home, so I was really shooting a lot onto the sheets. It excited me to think she would see the sperm stains them when she changed the sheets, which she always did once a week.

I also had a selection of lubes that I kept by the bedside, and began leaving them on the table or on the bed. I had three variations of the Fleshlight, and although I don't use one even most of the time, I began leaving them out to be seen. When I would come inside the Fleshlight I would let it drip onto the sheets so I always had the largest amount of semen stains on the sheet. I had also left out vibrators, porn DVDs and magazines, and books and stories about masturbation.

After a couple of months of leaving these things to be found I got a little bolder. I use a small fan to air dry my Fleshlights after use -and I would stand them up with both ends off so that air flowed up and through the entryway. I began to leave the Fleshlights out this way on the fan when she would be there. It was impossible not to know what they were for.

I took it a step further. One day I came inside the Fleshlight and just left it on the bed with cum oozing out of it. I got so excited that morning thinking about her seeing it that I masturbated again onto the sheets. When I got home that day she had washed the Fleshlight and put it on the fan just like I had been doing! This sent me over the edge and I masturbated onto the sheets three times that night. This emboldened me quite a bit.

My next move was to take some time off work after having left her a note that I would be home next time she was there. When the time arrived, I managed to watch for her and jump in the shower right before she came in, leaving the TV on slightly loud so it would not be obvious I knew she had arrived. I came out of the bathroom with just a towel on and as semi-erect dick poking out a bit. I asked her if she minded and she said no. So I just took the towel off in front of her, pretending my question was not about wearing only a towel but about being naked in front of her. My half-hard penis swung around as I moved. She immediately excused herself, and I started telling her it was OK, that I was sorry, that I thought she said it was OK. She calmed down, not able to resist looking at my nudity, and said it didn't bother her if it didn't bother me. I made a joke, nodding down as my dick stiffened noticeably, that I obviously didn't mind.

I got dressed, having pressed my luck enough for the day. But I arranged for one of my regular off days at work to be the day she was there. So we got to talk more than ever before, and I continued to undress in front of her with increasing frequency. I would even masturbate while she was in the other end of the condo, coming onto the sheets before she changed them.

I got to doing this so often that it was inevitable that she would catch me. She was only mildly surprised when it happened, and asked if she should come back. I said carry on with what you're doing and I'll do the same. I asked if she minded me doing it in front of her. She nodded and said 'it's OK', looking still a bit amazed but clearly interested in watching my hand as I continued rubbing my erection and started jacking in earnest. I walked over to the bed, pumped some lotion in my hand, and continued masturbating as she watched. I came with a big load. She walked closer and said 'good job' and said 'I'll change the sheets now.'

All of this escalated after that, with me continuing to masturbate for her each week, a favor she came to return. I'll never stop leaving signs of masturbation for her to find so long as she keeps my house.



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