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Not so Innocent

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When I was 13, I was quite an exhibitionist. Well let me start off by saying that I grew up in a very controlling and conservative family, coupled with that was the fact that I also had a very active sex drive even at a young age.

All of this led to a fascination of mine which continues to this day, which is seducing much older men several times my age. Now, some people might be horrified or shocked to even hear such a thing but that's how it was like it or not. It started out quite by accident at first. I'd be at the beach or out shopping and I'd notice an older man, perhaps one old enough to be my father, with a family and possibly daughters my age, casually staring in my direction. At first I thought I was imagining things but as I noticed what parts of me they stared at the most, it became obvious I wasn't. However, I was never shy or offended, on the contrary it intrigued me to no end and eventually became the main focus of my masturbation fantasies.

Like I said...my family was VERY conservative and if they had even for a moment, the slightest notion of what was going on, things would have promptly ended then and there but they didn't and so it continued. On this one occasion, I was wearing a very short denim skirt, why my mom ever let me wear this I will never know. I guess she figured guys would never look at me in a sexual way. We were sitting at a long table having lunch and across from us was a man with his family eating . Gradually, I noticed a few glances he made in my direction and so I decided to up the ante but spreading my legs out much further. I also wasn't wearing any panties and from my perspective he probably was able to see directly up my legs and probably could see the hair on my pussy. I was careful never to make eye contact with him. I wanted to make it appear completely by accident and also not alert my mom as to what was going on. The plan worked perfectly and soon he was totally entranced. It also had quite an effect on me to and I swear by the end of the meal I could feel myself dripping with excitement!! Obviously I have no clue as to what he did once he left the lunch area but as for me, I went home and masturbated vigorously thinking only of his glances and wondering what he thought when he stared openly at my naked pussy. I'd like to think he went home and made passionate love to his wife thinking only of me but who am I kidding....grown men probably aren't like that in real life or are they?



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