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Not Shy

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This is a great site. I've been reading stories for the past few months. Many guys write about being shy to jack off when someone else in in the room. Here's a true account of my cousin who didn't have any problems taking care of his morning wood.


When I was 16, my parents sent me to live with my aunt and uncle so I could attend a local private day school. They didn't have a big house so I roomed in the basement with my older cousin, Chuck, who was 22 at the time. We didn't see a lot of each other because he worked all day and was out with his girlfriend most evenings. Usually, he got home after I was asleep.

I would hear his alarm clock around 6:30 each morning. A few minutes later, he would get up to go pee. The toilet and shower were in the corner of the basement. My uncle hadn't built walls around so everything was open. Chuck would kick off his jockeys when he came back from the toilet. He would lie down on the bed naked and slowly stroke his hard cock. Then he would lube up from a bottle of baby oil that he kept beside the bed and start jacking. My bed was right across the basement from his so I could see everything clearly. From the start, Chuck never paid any attention to me while he was jacking or made any attempt to hide what he was doing.

Chuck's sessions were usually quick, maybe five minutes. He would let out a couple of heavy moans and then wipe up with his underwear. Then he would go for a shower. The first time I watched him jack, I was embarrassed and pretended to be asleep. But after awhile, I realized that he didn't care at all if I saw him. His early morning jacking became so routine that I usually went back to sleep, if I woke up at all. Sometimes, I would get up to pee while he was still jacking and he would keep right on stroking. Once, I got up just as he was wiping himself. He didn't say anything but just walked past me on his way to the shower, his cock still semi-hard.

I didn't like to jack off in the morning so I never got into it. I always enjoyed doing it when I got home after class or at night before going to sleep.

Chuck mentioned taking care of 'things' but he never showed any interest in what I did or what I thought of his morning jacking sessions. Of course, it was his home, and he was a lot older than I at the time. Jacking seemed part of his normal routine, like that was what he did before showering in the morning. It certainly was not something to conceal as far as he thought.

Chuck never walked in on me during one of my jacking sessions. I did it every day, too. He wouldn't have cared anyway. His casual attitude to jacking had its effect on me I think. When I attended college a couple of years later, I used to jack off at night (after lights out though). I didn't try to hide what I was doing from my roommate. He used to jack off a lot, too.



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