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My husband got killed in an auto accident in 2004. He owned a towing business and two gasoline stations in Fort Worth, which I sold. He left my daughter and I well off financially but I do still miss him dearly. Since then I have only dated two men which didn't last long either time and I didn't want to get involved with them anyhow. My daughter married and moved to Austin with her husband 3 years ago. I am asked out frequently by a number of different men but always decline with different excuses. I have kept my figure and do consider myself attractive. Needless to say my only sexual outlet was masturbation. I always was and still am close to my husbands family. Two years ago I let my husbands nephew Ricky move into my house. He got a job nearby but grew up near Dallas. He is my sister-in-law's oldest son.


I hadn't seen him in a few years and when he came I was shocked at how handsome and tall he had gotten. I guess I pictured him as a little kid and didn't realize he was so old. We got along right away and I was very comfortable with him living here. Within the first few months he had a girlfriend and she began to stay overnight in his room occasionally. He was 19 at the time but begged me not to say anything to his mother about it. He was here for about six months when he got hurt on his job. He worked construction and fell off a roof. His mother came for a few weeks and took care of him after he got out of the hospital. He had a total of three operations and was in very bad shape. He fractured his shoulder and hip, had a bad concussion and also had a disc operation on his lower back. His mother was going to take him back to Dallas but he didn't want to go because of his girlfriend. She came to see him almost everyday for a few hours. I volunteered to take care of him so his mother went back home. I wasn't working and had all day to prepare meals for him and basically did his laundry and at times helped him get to the bathroom. When I think back now its funny because he almost became like a baby. He whined often and at times would openly cry, I guess because he felt sorry for himself and I knew he was still in a lot of pain. I questioned myself for awhile if I made the right decision to keep him here but also felt sorry for him.

One afternoon I helped him walk to the bathroom to get a shower and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner for us. All the sudden I heard a loud bang and knew he must have fallen. I ran to the bathroom but didn't go in right away and asked if he was ok. When he told me he couldn't get up I had to get a butter knife to unlock the door. He was naked on the floor and had cut his head. I know he must have been embarrassed but he was obviously in a lot of pain. I helped him get up and walk back to his room and put him back in bed. The whole time he was naked and even when he layed down he didn't even try to cover or hide himself. I couldn't help but look at his body especially at his penis. The entire time I wiped the cut on his head my real attention was looking at his body. His penis wasn't excepionally big but he is really built well and very handsome. I finally pulled a sheet over him and as big and strong as he was his eyes continued to tear up. I sat with him awhile and told him I would bring him dinner. I brought up two TV trays and had dinner with him and watched TV for a while.

I asked him how he felt and he rattled off a list of all his aches and pains. The worst being his lower back and leg from the disc operation. I'm not sure what possesed me to ask at the time but I just told him I would rub it for him if he liked. He just said ok if I wouldn't mind and I just thought to myself, what the hell am I doing. I told him to turn on his stomach and I began rubing his lower back. I pulled the sheet down but it still covered his rear. When I asked where it hurt He took his hand and motioned at his tail bone and all down his right buttocks to his knee. At first I just began to rub and the next thing I knew I pulled the sheet down exposing him and was actually rubbing his buttocks and thigh. Neither of us spoke but I found myself becoming aroused not only by touching him but seeing his naked behind. I did it for quite awhile and finally pulled the sheet back over him and relized it aroused me.

The next day at breakfast we talked about him falling, never mentioning the fact the he was naked. I told him from now on not to lock the door when he showered. That afternoon I again helped him get to the bathroom. I walked him to the shower which is in the tub and thats when he told me how he fell. When he tried to climb into the tub he lost his balance and fell back on the floor. He was in his underware and I know this sounds crazy but I just told him to take them off and hold on to me as he got in. He looked at me and turned beet red and I just said I already saw him nude. I'm sure he was embarrassed but pushed down his underware and let me help him. Again I just looked at his body and could feel myself getting aroused just looking at him. I wanted to watch him shower but told him not to get out by himself and to call me when he was done. He looked at me funny but did call me when he was ready to come out. When I went back in I purposely put the towel on the sink so he would be naked as I helped him out of the tub. He was blushing again but I just acted like it wasn't a big deal for me to see him like that. I knew he couldn't bend all the way over so I took the towel and began drying off his back and remember telling him not to be embarrassed or shy around me or something like that. I was going to wrap the towel around his waiste but instead put it over his shoulder and walked him naked down the hallway to his room. That night after dinner I once again massaged his back buttocks and leg and pulled off his boxer shorts when I did.

I started doing the same almost everyday and he was less embarrassed each time. I would masturbate most days just picturing him in my mind. I always gave him privacy when his girlfriend was there but would massage him every night after dinner and sometimes in the afternoon. It always aroused me and I became more brazen with the way I touched him. Eventually I began massaging his inner thigh and would move his legs apart exposing his anus and scrotum, and at times toching him there. I could also see his penis at times and began to realize he was getting erections when I touched him in different places. After about two weeks of doing this everyday he no longer blushed when he was naked in front of me. I started wearing my night clothes after dinner when I massaged him and I stopped wearing underwear. I could see him looking at my body whenever he could, but I was more interested in looking at him. The only regret I had was that he was always face down.

A few weeks had passed and one night as I was rubbing his leg and asked exactly where the pain was. He kind of took his finger and drew a line that sort of zig zagged from the cheek of his buttocks and down and around his leg almost to his groin. Speaking as innocently as I possibly could I just asked if it hurt in his groin area. Whe he said yes I just blurted out for him to turn over. He just look at me for a moment and I honestly shocked myself by what I just said. He just hesitated and I distinctly remember asking him if he was getting shy all the sudden. I actually held his hip tugging on him to turn over and he did. I immediately started rubbing his thigh and stareing at his penis. I pulled his legs apart slightly and began rubbing up to his crotch and the back of my hand was touching his testicals. Within seconds I could see him getting an erection. We both laugh about it now but he tried to push it down and his face turned fire engine red and he closed his eyes. I knew he got hard many times before but this was the first time I actually saw it. I just told him not to be embarrassed but felt myself getting wet. I don't think I even thought about it but just started to masturbate him. He never said a word but kept his eys closed and turned his head away from me. At that time I started to finger myself also and orgasmed right away. It was only a matter of minutes before he ejaculated. That was the first time I felt guilty about it and I was nevous about what he would say. I got up and left the room with out saying anything. I sat in my room for awhile admonishing myself for doing all these things to him. I decided right then not to do it anymore. I went back in his room and apoligized telling him I was ashamed of myself. Thats when he told me he masturbated everytime I massaged him and that he loved me doing it to him. We must have talked for an hour or more about it and I even mentioned what his mother or girfriend would think about it. He said he didn't care and would never tell anyone and came right out and asked me to do it again. This time he pushed the sheet down and he was still naked. He had an erection before I even touched him. I always sat in the chair when I gave him a rub down but as soon as I strted he pulled my arm toward the bed. I sat on the bed and he began fingering me and touching my breasts. I was in intense heat and took off my night shirt laying naked beside him. After he came he started kissing my breasts and fingering me at the same time. I couldn't control myself and just had one orgasm after another. I was so loud it was embarrassing but the best feeling I have had in years.

Since then we masturbate each other several times a week. He no longer needed me to massage him after awhile but I still do. We take showers together sometimes and have even given oral sex to each other. I admitted to him that I was attracted to him right away and he also told me he looked at my body all the time when he first arived and admitted peeking in my room several times when I wasn't dressed. He still has the same girfriend and they seem to be rather happy together but he has no intentions of moving out. I speak to his mother almost every week and have gotten to know his girlfriend very well. She stays over night on weekends most of the time now and I know they have sex and have heard them often doing it. Neither his mother or his girlfriend have any idea what Ricky and I have been doing for so long a time. It makes me laugh sometimes because after all the times we have seen each other naked and masturbated each other he still calls me Aunt Kim.



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