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Not Proud, but WOW

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I have a 15 year old daughter who is into 'sleepovers'. Most weekends she isnt here, but this last weekend she had two friends to stay over. Anna is 16 and Sara is a little older at 17. Both are drop dead gorgeous. Naturally, as soon as they arrived they disappeared up to my daughter's bedroom and apart from appearing for drinks and nibbles, I didnt see anything of them.

All through the evening though, I would hear giggling or screaming.. you know, that type of screaming young people do when someone says something vaguely rude... that kind. I bet they were talking about sex or boys... but it got me wondering in short order whether Anna or Sara had any real experience with boys....OR girls.

On Saturday they all announced they were going to the Mall for the day... thats when I got the idea.

I had been feeling horny for a while. (My wife died four years ago) and I wondered about Sara in particular. I decided I would do something I have never done before. I went to my daughter's room and saw both Sara's and Anna's bags. I bet that the panties they wore the previous day were in there. With a racing pulse I opened Sara's bag and sure enough a cute pair of cotton bikinis was balled up in the corner. I opened them out and damn... they were still actually moist! And VERY moist too. In a second I had my cock out and was smelling the sweetest pussy I had smelled for a very long time. I was about to cum, but then wondered what Anna's smelled like. When I found them, they were more creamed up than Sara's. I bet anything that Anna had jilled off in them during the night. I found that the two girls smelled noticably different. I decided that I would wrap Sara's panties around my cock and lick Anna's.

I tell you what, I got the best cum I have had for years. Ashamed? Yes, of course. But WHAT an orgasm. I would never in a million years try anything on with either of them...but....well... I have to admit, it was totally fucking amazing. I find I have no desire to see either girl naked (That would be easy to arrange with the help of a small camera).

Finally, I wondered if Sara and Anna had helped each other out. Now that WOULD be something to see.

On the Sunday they went out again, and this time I had a problem. On the floor where THREE pairs of panties. I had no idea whose was whose. I couldn't risk using any of them becuase one of them would have been my daughters.

One footnote. On Sunday afternoon. Anna seemed to take a great delight in sitting in that careless way young girls do, but making damn sure I could see up her skirt. I am totally sure she knew what she was doing, and when alone with me, she kept making sexual comments. I then wondered if she knew I had used her panties. After all, I must have licked them practically clean.



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