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Not Just Sex

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All that it needs is honesty. Unto Thine Own Self Be true.


This is true. Every single word and action.

At 17 I had a boyfriend and we spent hours kissing, feeling, masturbating each other (and more). Even in our most wild masturbatory sessions I always felt something was missing. Oh that's not to say he didn't make me cum, he did, lots of times and really strongly, but all the time even after a multiple orgasm session there was a feeling of 'is that it?!' When we went up to Uni, we went to the same place and our relationship has continued there, but still with the same nagging unfulfilment.

Heather lives on my landing at Uni. She is shorter than me and what some ignorant people call a 'ginge'. She is also very studious and even a little mousey. (Yeah, I know, not nice, but I need to put her image over.) She is friendly enough though and always ready for a chat.

So, about a month ago, I am in her room moaning about my sex life and how much I am getting yet still something is missing. Something was missing, I totally failed to take in that Heather didn't have a boyfriend and as far as I knew wasn't getting ANY! (Boy, how selfish!) And there was me moaning about cumming four times in a row, soaking the bed, '...and what he can do with his fingers on my g-spot makes me fucking pass out'.

Heather leaned forward, then got up off the bed where she was sitting, put her mug down very carefully on her table and then turned and looked at me. I must have sat there with a righteously indignant expression on my face and I expected her to say something in return, something sympathetic, something to make me feel better.

I wasn't expecting the slap across my face, nor the 'You selfish (slap) fucking (slap) self-pitying (slap) whore! (Slap-slap)' As quickly as it began, the explosion was over and she, panting and me, stinging, stared at each other.

Then in the next non-second we were tearing at each others clothes, and I mean tearing, literally ripping tights apart and kissing like demons. I felt her jam her fingers, God knows how many, right up into me. No foreplay, no teasing just a savage finger fucking. At the same time, I tore her tights apart at the crotch which, since I was now on the floor and she was kinda 69 over me was right above my face. I saw how wet her panties were, but I didn't care. I tugged them aside violently, and found she IS a natural ginger, and also creamed up really well and I rammed two fingers deep in her. We didn't eat each other out, we just violently finger fucked each other until orgasms were coming one after another, and there was a lot of squirting going on, especially from me.

THAT was what was missing. When John makes me cum he holds his fingers still inside me while I orgasm around them. (He rubs my clit at the same time though) Heather didn't, she kept pounding and it seemed to me, stroking my g-spot and it made me squirt BIG time, and holy SHIT!!!! do those orgasms feel different from 'normal' ones! I had NO fucking idea.

Heather didn't do so bad herself because I was feeling almost as vicious as she was (largely from the slaps) She came a number of times and also squirted onto my face which I totally loved.

Afterwards, (embarrassing confession) we held each other and cried like babies. We kissed, oh we kissed! Tenderly, gently, more erotically than I have ever known. Somehow, we stripped each other naked, discarding the torn clothes, but it seemed to happen almost by magic. We kissed every inch of each other missing nothing. Then, in each others arms, covered in sweat and girl-cum I knew. Don't ask me how, I just knew. I loved her.

Well, that was a month back. So much has happened in the meantime. I love her with a depth of feeling I never knew, so much so that it is frightening.

I also have to hurt someone. Poor John has done nothing wrong and he doesn't deserve the hurt I have to lay on him later today, but I can't go on deceiving him. Heather has made no demands on me, she says that I must do whatever I need, including fucking John, but that's not what I need. I need her.

Last night, we lay in bed together, Heather and I, and she was stroking my right breast and kissing my neck and ear while whispering to me. Such erotic stuff! You have no idea! She whispered, told me secret, dark fantasies, painted pictures of such lust in my head that, without even touching me between my legs, she made me cum.

The thing is this. I have NO idea where Heather gets her ideas from because, well, let's just say that during our savage love making that first time there was evidence of her virginity. I was certainly the first person to enter her.

So, here I am, 19, a former hetro-sexual, now deeply in love with a girl. If I thought I knew anything about masturbation before, Heather has shown me that I knew nothing at all. Much of what we do is too much for here, I suspect, I wish I had somewhere to share it though.

Heather still looks like the mousey, withdrawn, geek that she always does. People looking at her have NO idea what a sex-beast she is in bed, on the sports fields, in the library, in shops and the many other places we have jilled each other off.

Heather knows I am writing this, and we want to share some of our sex lives here from time to time.



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