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Not Just a Tease

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In my early twenties I was dating a nurse, Hannah, for a few months who lived in a block of purpose-built apartments with 3 other nurses. The apartment was basically 4 bedrooms, a kitchen/diner and bathroom, all on the same level. Hannah's room was next door to Roz, a petite, short haired blonde girl with small tits and slim body.

One particular morning I had stayed overnight and my gf had gone to work. I was lazing in bed when I heard the mail delivery come through the letter box. Being the kind hearted sort I thought I'd collect the mail and leave it on the dining table.

Upon opening the bedroom door I saw Roz at the other end of the hallway picking the mail up from the floor. She was naked except for a tiny red thong. The thin material had crept between her butt cheeks and I could just make out her smooth pussy lips between her legs. She stood up and walked towards me as she sorted through the letters, not realising I was there. I checked her out and noticed her small breasts were topped with puffy little nipples. I could feel my cock stirring as she suddenly glanced up and noticed me.

'I didn't see you there' she said, trying to cover herself up. I murmered some apologies as we both beat a hasty retreat back to our rooms, each a little embarrased. I lay back down on the bed my thought's on Roz's slim body in her red thong. I eased my shorts down and slowly stroked my now rock hard cock.

After a few minutes the bedroom door burst open and Roz flew in dressed in a short white robe. 'My turn to catch you out!' she yelled, before realising I was masturbating. I quickly tried to cover up, but Roz grabbed the sheet and threw it to the floor. 'Liked what you saw, did you'? she said. I was red-faced by now and could feel my cock shrinking. 'Let's not waste that' she said, and straddled my thighs and began stroking my cock.

She undid the tie on her robe and let it fall from her shoulders. With her legs apart her thong had crept up between her pussy lips, which she had obviously shaved as they were silky smooth. 'Does that feel good?' she asked, as I continued looking at her lithe body.

I made a grab for one of her little titties, but she batted my hand away saying, 'No touching.' I lay back down as Roz continued stroking my cock. Her other hand was now feeling and pinching her nipples which had now hardened into small bullets. I imagined taking one into my mouth and sucking upon it.

'You like my little titties, do you?' she asked. 'I bet you'd like my little pussy, too!' and began stroking her pussy through her panties. The thin red material was beginning to be enveloped by her pussy lips as she stroked my cock with one hand and her pussy with the other. 'Your cock is so hot and hard' she muttered, 'It's making my pussy all wet'.

Suddenly she shuffled forward until her pussy was pressed against the base of my cock. She held my cock hard against her pussy and began grinding against the underside of it. I could feel the roughness of the fabric and the smoothness of her pussy against my cock, now lubricated by Roz's wetness. Taking a chance I reached out and grabbed both her breasts with my hands, this time finding no resistance. Roz threw her head back as I began kneading and pinching her nipples. She continued grinding herself along the length of my cock, the both of us now highly stimulated. 'Oh, God,' she muttered, 'If this keeps up, I'm gonna cum. This was not supposed to happen,' she said, her little tease now backfiring on her.

Releasing my cock she shuffled forward a little more, dropped her hands either side of my head and began humping along the length of my cock. I didn't think I could last much longer, but with Roz's litlle titties just inches away from my face, I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

I lifted my head slightly and took one of Roz's titties into my mouth. I licked and sucked on her pointy little nipple as she continued our grinding. I was lifting my hips to meet her movements as we were both now totally engrossed in each other. 'Bite me!' she said and I began to softly nibble at her nipple. My hand had found her other tittie and I pinched and flicked the other nipple.

'Yes,' she cried, 'I'm gonna cum!' as she ground down hard on my cock, her knees clenching either side of my hips and her thighs quivering in orgasm. This tipped me over the edge as I released a torrent of jism over the both of us. My cock pulsed and throbbed as Roz's grinding milked the spunk from my cock. She collasped onto me and we lay there for a minute or two.

Roz sat up and we were both smeared with jism from neck to waist. 'Not a word about this to Hannah,' she said, as she climbed off.

'Fine by me,' I answered, hoping for a repeat performance some other time!



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